Lil Baby and Gunna are two of the hottest upcoming rappers right now out of Atlanta. The two both take heavy influence from rappers Young Thug and Future in their style, which makes sense, as all four of them have the same hometown. Baby and Gunna released their collaborative album “Drip Harder,” which is a mix of Lil Baby’s “Harder” series and Gunna’s “Drip Season” series, on Oct. 5. There was a lot of hype built up for this album, and unfortunately, many people ended up getting let down, including me. That being said, I will be giving each track a “bop” or “drop.” If I enjoyed the song, it gets a “bop,” and if I wasn’t a fan of the song, it will receive a “drop.”

“Off White VLONE” (feat. Lil Durk & Nav)

This song is the intro to the album and comes with two featured artists, rappers Lil Durk and Nav. The song contains a hook from Gunna and Lil Durk which, for me personally, is the best part. The verses on this song were the most disappointing bits, especially the Lil Baby and Nav ones. That being said, a highlight of this song is the production.The beat is produced by Turbo, the executive producer of the album, who does a great job creating catchy, uplifting beats, especially on this track. However, the beat was not enough to save the track. Bop or Drop: Drop

“Business is Business”

This song is definitely a standout track. “Business is Business” has one of the best beats on the whole project with the classic Turbo/Wheezy guitar and hard drums. Not to mention, it comes with a great, catchy hook from Gunna. The only downside to this track is the Lil Baby verse. The vibe and hype of the song got killed immediately when his verse started. His voice did not fit nearly as well as Gunna’s did on the beat and honestly, this song would have been much better without it. As a whole, the song is still probably the best song on album, even with the Lil Baby verse. Bop or Drop: Bop


This song is probably the most average part of the project. The main problem is that it just gets boring very easily, as it is repetitive with the chorus being repeated three times, and it generally lacks energy. The best part of this song is the verse from Lil Baby, where he came in with way more energy and made the track sound a bit more interesting. The beat on this song is good, but for sure not one of the best. Bop or Drop: Drop

“Deep End”

Lil Baby and Gunna each have two solo songs on “Drip Harder.”  “Deep End” is the first solo song from Lil Baby. This song has to be one of my least favorites. The track consists of one of the least entertaining beats on the whole project and a flow from Lil Baby that is just awful. This is a song I hope I never have to hear again. Bop or Drop: Drop

“World Is Yours”

“World is Yours” is the first solo song from Gunna on the project, and comparing this song to “Deep End,” Gunna wins this matchup. Gunna’s frequent change of flow and melodic rap make the song more interesting and enjoyable than Lil Baby’s “Deep End.” The song, produced by Wheezy and B Rackz, has a very slow beat compared to other songs on “Drip Harder,” but it still has a very unique sound to it, with the infrequent 808’s hitting. Bop or Drop: Bop


“Underdog” was a song that grew on me the more that I listened to it. The best part about this song has to be the hook from Gunna, as the flow is amazing and the lyrics are wise. The verses from Gunna and Lil Baby were both good, and although neither one of them are known to be lyrical, some of the bars on this song are just awful. In Lil Baby’s verse, he says, “Money coming in like I play ball, but I dont play ball.” This is probably the worst attempt at a bar on the entire album. Overlooking these super corny rhymes and focusing on the instrumental and vibe of the song, it is one of the better songs on the album. Bop or Drop: Bop

“I Am”

“I Am” is the first song on the project where Lil Baby is on the hook and delivers his verse first. This is definitely something that should have been done on the project more. Although most of the time Gunna delivers better hooks than Baby, Baby did not disappoint on this song. That being said, the ultimate downfall of this song is Gunna’s verse, even though on the rest of the album, he killed it. His verse is just not as entertaining as the rest of the song and will most likely be skipped by listeners when it comes on. Bop or Drop: Drop

“Seals Pills”

This song is one of my least favorites on the album. The main reason is due to it being stuck inbetween it being a chill song and a hyped-up song, since the beat is all over the place. While listening to it, it is very hard to pay attention and stay entertained throughout the whole thing. Bop or Drop: Drop

“My Jeans (feat. Young Thug)”

Another featured artist on the project is Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug. Thug does his thing on this song by taking a very unique approach on singing the tracks hook. However, the main problem is how long it takes for the beat to drop. 51 seconds after waiting for it, the beat finally delivers. Even though Young Thug provides a very interesting start, it is not enough to justify the tracks long intro. Bop or Drop: Drop

“Style Stealer”

This is the second solo track from Gunna on the project, and it is focused once again on what this album is all about: flexing, fashion, and “drip.” “Designer to the floor, I clean up like a washer, choker ‘round my throat, icy cane like Willy Wonka.” This is one of the most odd lines on this song. And once again, people are not listening to this album for quality lyrics, it is all about the vibe and the ability to dance to the beat. Unfortunately, this song does not even achieve that. Gunna sings on the hook in a way that was attempted to be catchy but turns out to be straight up annoying. This song is definitely one of the most boring tracks on the album. Bop or Drop: Drop

“Close Friends”

This is probably the only song on the entire album where people are listening for the lyrics because of the title of the song. On this track, Lil Baby uses a different approach. Baby describes his relationship with a woman on this song, which presents his emotional side. Unfortunately, this is NOT what I came into this album looking to hear. I expected to hear more upbeat, hype songs. In all due respect, I do give some credit to Lil Baby for attempting a more lyrical song and being risky on this track by creating a softer vibe. That being said, anyone looking for a more down to earth song will definitely enjoy this track. Either way, this is not a song I will be adding to my playlist. Bop or Drop: Drop

“Drip Too Hard”

“Drip Too Hard” was released as the lead single before the full album dropped. To this day, it is still the most popular song off of the album. Lil Baby provides the catchy hook on this song. The verses from Baby and Gunna on this track were fire, and had a solid flow to them. I can definitely see why this was released as the lead single, as it is currently sitting at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Bop or Drop: Bop

“Never Recover (feat. Drake)”

This may end up becoming the most popular song off on the album because multi-platinum rapper Drake and producer Tay Keith are both featured. Drake first collaborated with Lil Baby on “Yes Indeed” earlier this year, which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Tay Keith, who is probably the hottest producer in the game right now, produced songs for Blocboy JB, Drake, and Travis Scott, making hits like “Rover,” “Nonstop,” and “SICKO MODE.” Drake provides the introduction to this song with a long, solid verse. He is then followed by Gunna and Lil Baby who both provide verses which are definitely both better than Drake’s verse. Overall, this is one of the best songs on the album due to the fire beat produced by Tay Keith and executive producer Turbo, and the great verses from all three rappers on the song. Bop or Drop: Bop


Overall, this album has a lot of songs that deserve a skip. That being said, it does have some good songs on here like “Business is Business,” “Underdog,” and “Never Recover.” Still, most of the songs on here are just way too boring and needed more variation. This album was very underwhelming, causing me to give it a 3/5. Hopefully, if the rappers collaborate again, they will create some better bangers.


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