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Letter to the Editor

[This letter is in response to an opinion piece published on Sept. 17, titled “Passing period music makes me want to die,” by Staff Writer Wylie Marquis]

I actually am in charge of putting music on the iPod during passing periods. Unfortunately, it does involve a lot of time, as I have to go through every lyric in a song to make sure it is appropriate to play during passing periods. The iPod plays continuously on a huge bell system designed by Sound Inc., so we are only able to select playlists we create to play for the day, but not individual songs. Students are always welcome to bring in their song requests as long as the lyrics are appropriate to be played in the school. If there are any questions regarding what counts as appropriate lyrics, students can come to the main office and talk to any of the secretaries or administrators!

– Dawn Seno, Principal’s Secretary

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