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Passing period music makes me want to die


The music in the hallway during passing period is just terrible.

OK, listen to this: I really do like my school, and I like the things my school does, but during passing periods, Oswego High School only chooses songs that are overplayed, and they will replay small clips of the songs during passing period twice, which is extremely annoying. I know this may sound a little harsh, but on a weekly basis, I get three headaches just because of the hallway music.

The music in the hallway is such a good idea, but in order for it to take a positive effect, the school needs to choose music that would appeal more to students to make them happier. When I hear the music in the hallways, it gives me a migraine at times. Hearing the same song multiple times always puts me in a really pissy mood that makes me literally want to rip the speakers out of the walls.

Don’t even get me started on Fridays. Not only does the school play the same song twice in one period, but it plays the school fight song during every passing period throughout the whole day. As a football player, I have tons of school spirit, and I love the school fight song because it gets me hyped up before I go on the field. The problem, though, is that the fight song is so repetitive, it has come to the point that the song just doesn’t make me happy anymore. It’d be better if they played the song a little less and weren’t so annoying with it.

I understand that the music is meant to give a warning when the passing period is about to be over, but the school could at least change the way it approaches the music. One thing that could make the hallway music experience better is if we had control over the music played. I think if we were given the option to choose the music played in the hallways, everybody would be happier, and the hallway experience would be a little bit nicer.


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