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Staff Spotlight: Mr. Zachary Horn


Mr. Zachary HornCongratulations to Mr. Zachary Horn for being the first teacher to receive a Staff Spotlight for this year. He teaches Honors Earth and Space, physics, and meteorology. It’s Mr. Horn’s third year at Oswego High School, but it’s his 10th year teaching overall.  

When I asked Mr. Horn how he defines the word “success,” he said that he defines it as “accomplishing your goals.”  

If there are students who want to become teachers in the future and are in need of advice, Mr. Horn has them covered.

“Try to get a well-rounded education,” he said. Mr. Horn himself attended Valparaiso University as an undergraduate. He got his master’s degree at Mississippi State in 2013.

Before he was a teacher at Oswego High School, Mr. Horn was a meteorologist in Indiana. I asked Mr. Horn if he had ever thought about quitting teaching at OHS and going back work as a meteorologist in a news studio. He said he wouldn’t.

“Oswego High School is a great place to teach,” Mr. Horn said.  

Mr. Horn’s favorite thing about teaching is that he likes to have fun with his students. If his students have fun, he has fun with them; it’s a win-win for both.

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