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Vaping Issue at OHS

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Vaping is becoming a widely done activity across all ages. Millions of people do it including many younger kids in high school and college. At Oswego High School it is seen as a problem that needs to be dealt with and here is why it is such a problem and how it can possible be addressed.

According to FirstQuoteHealth, there can be many health risks associated with vaping some of which many people may not be aware of.

One risk is to new users who have never smoked cigarettes before. People who vape but have never smoked cigarettes before can develop lung or brain damage due to the chemicals. The chemicals being acetyl propionyl and acetoin and Diacetyl. The Diacetyl can cause a disease called popcorn lung in which the smaller airways of the lung are destroyed.

Vaping also has formaldehyde which is a highly toxic substance. Studies were done and showed that long term use to the formaldehyde can cause lung cancer and that higher level vaping raises the risk of cancer. The raised nicotine levels in the different juices can worsen heart disease and the blood vessels making you more susceptible to heart attacks.

Now knowing what is in them, this is why the dean’s don’t like vapes.

One reason is that it is becoming another thing people can use for peer pressure. As well as the fact that not everyone truly knows what they are actually inhaling and what the effects really are.

The school district treats this as any other tobacco product so being caught with it will most likely result in a ISI or a OSS, but it is all case by case. Since it is seen as a tobacco product nobody in the district can have one on school grounds, so this isn’t just a rule for students, it’s for everyone.

The deans also see it as a distraction in class and will take away from learning time. Mrs. Calvert would like more kids to be aware of what is actually in the vape juice. She stated “Vaping is unhealthy, keeps students away from learning, and I would like kids to stay away from,” as a service announcement to the students.

Now on the other side of vaping an anonymous student who vapes regularly has some things to say. The student doesn’t see vaping as a problem at OHS. Many students do it but to him it’s not a problem because it is healthier than cigarettes. For him he vapes just due to boredom at school. In Germany the staff and students can smoke in school in designated areas and the student interviewed would like that at OHS. A place to go and stop during passing period or during lunch/guided study to stop and vape; as long as the person vaping is old enough to own and use a vape.

As of now vaping at SD308 schools will be against the rules and the rules might even become stricter on them. Maybe at some point there will be less restrictions, but the heads of the district and schools want the keep everyone healthy and focused on school. It isn’t personal, just for the students health. Vape as you wish, but know you know the health risks involved in do this. But avoid it if you can and don’t give into peer pressure; this stuff can really mess you up.       

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