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Change in Graduation Robes


It has officially been decided that all graduating Oswego High School students will be wearing the same colored robes at graduation.

The change is confirmed by OHS Assistant Principal William Nunamaker. According to Nunamaker, all graduates will wear a blue gown with an orange sash.

Previously, female graduates wore white gowns while male graduates wore blue.

Nunamaker adds that the decision was to go with all blue rather than white because blue is one of OHS’s school colors. Oswego East has all students wearing the same color gown as well. With both of these details in mind, the district office put their full support behind this change.

Many students are happy with this change, especially females who will not have to worry about finding a white dress to go under their robe.

An anonymous source from the LGBT community especially excited about this change, as the difference in robes based on gender was difficult for those who identify as transgender, or use different pronouns than they had at birth.

Caps and gowns will be available for pick up on May 9. Checks will not be an accepted form of payment, so all graduating students must bring cash or a credit card.

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