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Staff Spotlight: Ms. D

Ms. Abby Disabato

By Lilye Adkins 42Fifty Staff Writer

Congratulations to 42Fifty’s very own Ms. Abby Disabato on being awarded this month’s Staff Spotlight! Ms. Disabato, best known as “Ms. D.” to her students, has been teaching for a total of six years.

“This is my first year here (at Oswego High School). I was at Danville High School for four years and I was in the Plainfield School District for a year; I was at Central for first semester and East for the second.” Ms. D. said.

Ms. D. also gives a shout out to her best teacher bud, Mrs. Killingham, whom she met while working at Plainfield East. They shared a classroom and the stressors of jumping to a new school mid year.

Ms. D. has felt the calling to be a teacher as far back as she can remember. As a child, she recalls lining her stuffed animals and pets to teach them in “school”.

“I love learning and I’ve always just thought the idea of being a teacher was so cool.” Ms. D. states, “I originally wanted to be an elementary teacher. I had taught preschool through the park district for a long time, but then I had so many good high school and middle school teachers that it made me decide ‘That’s what I want to do’.”

If you ask her students, one of the first things they will say Ms. D is best known for is her caring personality and genuine love for the students. Ms. D’s favorite part of teaching is her students and the relationships she builds with them.

“I love the kids, I really do. I love getting to see you guys on good days and bad days…every class functions differently and every class has different kids. I love seeing the relationships I can build with them.”

When Ms. D isn’t grading papers or meeting with the several clubs she is involved in, she’s usually at home, playing with her two dogs, or, more than likely organizing her laundry.

“I think cleaning is fun. I also love to organize. Even my laundry baskets have labels on them. We have one for whites, one for darks, one for work clothes, and one for athletic clothes. They’re labeled with printed labels…and we’re not talking one label, they are labeled on every single side of the basket.” Ms. D. enthusiastically described.


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