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Oswego High School Student Receives Recognition In National Contest

Oswego High School Senior Elise Thalman

By Lilye Adkins 42Fifty Staff Writer

OHS senior Elise Thalman was recognized as one of the top 20 entries in the Drive 2 Life PSA contest hosted by The National Road Safety Foundation who co-sponsored with Scholastic.

Students were asked to create PSA storyboards about safe driving in their communities. Elise explains her piece as a “Storyboard follows this young student going through the end of his day. He gets his stuff and heads out the doors of the school building. As he’s crossing the street, it flashes from his face as a child to a high schooler, then up to a college student, and ends with him as a doctor. You hear a car screeching and it begins to flash back down through all the faces until it reaches the current event of him crossing the street. Only this time, his face is in shock. As the car hits the student, the view goes up to the sky and then talks about not speeding in school zones.”

Elise was one of 1,434 entries in the competition. Students all across the nation were recognized for their unique pieces. Judges were looking for storyboards that were not only clean and precise, but thought provoking and original as well.

“It was a big accomplishment that my message got across effectively, because that’s what’s most important. It was cool to see that out of all those people I did so well and that my message was well received.” Elise said.

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