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AP Exam Cost Increase

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AP Exam Cost Increase

SD308 is placing a $97 fee on the 2018 advanced placement exams this year.

By Jasmine Murray 42Fifty Staff Writer


Despite years prior to the 2017-2018 school year, the district is now charging a fee of $97 in order for an AP student to take the exam, $145 for classes such as AP Research and AP Seminar.

Throughout all previous years, taking an AP exam within district 308 has been free of charge, encouraging students to take said tests for their advanced placement class. But with the new general charge enforced, many are shying away from doing so.

OHS junior Alejandro, who is enrolled in AP classes such as AP Seminar, AP Chemistry, and AP Spanish, had several comments on the new change: “I know I won’t be taking the AP exam this year for all of my classes. It’s hard because if I did it would be over $300 for me because I’m in three AP classes.”

Students like Alejandro are affected by the change as they have to pay the high charge for each AP exam, in that case more than one exam.

Junior Justin has a similar situation as well regarding the fee and its impact: “I don’t like it. I am in an AP English class, and even though we are encouraged to take the exam, why should I waste my money on it if I know I’m not going to do well? At least when it was free last year it was you either do good or bad, no harm done.”

Although highly encouraged, AP students such as Alejandro and Justen are not satisfied with the fee in place.

All students registered for AP exams with paid fees will be taking them starting May 7 through May 14 this school year.

Jasmine Murray covers entertainment and OHS school events. She can be reached at 24000101@students.sd308.org Or contact the publication directly at 42fifty@sd308.org


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