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Nikon v. Canon Cameras


As an artist myself I have experienced what the world of art is like in our society today.

For many people in the world of fine art there are often many debates such as what is better: oil or acrylic, pen and ink or colored pencils, chalk pastel or oil pastel? Of course, art is completely subjective and usually those debates are settled with what the artist prefers over what he or she is told is the best option for themselves. However, one of the biggest debates I believe is the most prominent is in the world of digital photography: Nikon or Cannon.

Yes, I know how can one choose when there are so many opinions and debates over what is the best camera choice. I have decided to research and find strong credible opinions that may help you make your next camera choice.

Below I am going to list reviews comparing the two different camera brands focusing on a different camera feature.

Sensors: Nikons latest DSLRs have a sensor design that lets them eliminate the optical low pass filter without a distortion in fine lines ad patterns. Because of this elimination it allows the camera to have a higher rate of picking up smaller details and a better performance rate with low lighting.

However, Canons newest DSLRs still have the feature of an optical low pass filter. Both brand is focusing on different areas of sensor technology, both Canon and Nikon have excellent image quality. Colors compared between the two brands are much different, however the choice on which produces better color is a completely subjective personal preference.

Speed: Canon usually have faster high-end DSLRs. The Canon EOS 7D Mark II ($1,799) shoots at a 10-fps burst rate, making this one of the top DSLRs for sports shooters. Nikons fastest shooting camera is capable of 6fps, the D7200 which retails at $1,199.

Operation: Performance between the two brands are fairly similar, however there are noticeable differences when it comes to operation of each camera. For starters the terminology on a Canon camera is different compared to a Nikon.

For example, the “S” on the Nikon mode dial and the “TV” on Canon both indicate shutter priority mode. There is a huge difference in battery life, Nikon generally is able to take more shots on one single charge. The Nikon D7200 has double the battery life of the similarly priced Canon T65. More often than not Nikons usually have a better battery rating.

Video Quality: Canon is known for having better video quality. Canon was first to develop a hybrid autofocus system allowing the camera to refocus while recording. Canon is also known for better autofocus tracking while recording. Canon specifically created a selection of lenses for video.

Source: http://www.shawacademy.com/blog/nikon-vs-canon/

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