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Humans of Oswego High School 2018


Students in Ms. Hands’ 21st Century Journalism class asked students and faculty members of Oswego High School one question: What has been the happiest moment of your life so far? Scroll through the gallery to see their responses.

1Kayla Ramos

“The greatest moment of my life was when I was in 8th grade and I went to watch the OHS wind symphony play. That was the exact moment when I realized that is what I wanted to do…when I went into high school.” (Photo by Eric Berlin)

2Aidan Griffin

“When I was like 10 and I hit a home run to end the game for my baseball team…I was very happy and excited because it was my first home run and it ended the game, so it was a walkoff, which was pretty good.” (Photo by Erik Berlin)

3Princess Joseph

“When I turned 16, I thought I became a grown person. Really excited for .” (Photo by Britanya Booker)

4Tyler Sendra

“The best day of my life would have to be…Nov. 22, 2017, is when I started dating Emma Johnson.” (Photo by David Brant)

5Katelyn Gramme

“The best day of my life would be when my little sister was born.” (Photo by David Brant)

6Caityln Morrissey

“The happiest moment of my life is when I found out that my 4-year-old sister, well she was a baby then, was going to be born. And she was going to be having my last name and my middle name, so yeah.” (Photo by Francesca Lewis)

7Megan Korhorn

“Probably the happiest moment of my life was when I found out that my mom was cancer-free.” (Photo by Francesca Lewis)

8Sydney Veselik

“Oh wow. Good question. Hmm, happiest moment. Probably my birthday two years ago at Notre Dame when I took a course there and all my friends threw a party and we had, like, a dance thing.” (Photo by Molly Hailey)

9Malashia Juarez

“I think when I lived in Paris…only for like a year. And then I lived in China. So, I think it’s probably when I did not live in the States was probably the happiest time of my life.” (Photo by Molly Hailey)

10Lauren Christie

“When I went to Lake Michigan with my family and I lost my glasses, but it was a really fun day.” (Photo by Kallyn Johnson)

11Maddie Capasso

“The first day of marching band.” (Photo by Kallyn Johnson)

12Ms. Gordon

“I’d say the happiest moment of my life was when I got engaged, and I think it was the happiest moment because I wasn’t expecting it, even though we had talked about getting married, so it was super exciting.” (Photo by Dan Keegan)

13Mrs. Vick

“The happiest moment of my life would have to be when my daughter was born. She’s my only child, and she’s my best friend, and she’s the reason why I do everything.” (Photo by Dan Keegan)


14Dan “The Man” Long

“Without question, the birth of my children .” (Photo by Valerie Kinley)

15Xania Kimberly Ward

“This a whole year of development. I think I’m proud of my improvement. I’ve really grown.” (Photo by Valerie Kinley)

16Christopher Betsinger

“The happiest moment would have to be when I was little and I went to Florida for a week with my parents…brothers, and grandparents.” (Photo by Dylan LaVigne)

17William Frasco

“The happiest moment in my life when I was in Mexico with my family, having a blast. We were riding four wheelers and ATVs, you know, going crazy, dirt flying everywhere…We had a bunch of junk food…some good tacos…some Doritos, some tortas, you know, it was nice. We went hang gliding we went to the pools, you know, it was a beautiful day overall….Then, after that, I slept for about 12 hours. It was crazy and I loved it.” (Photo by Dylan LaVigne)

18Billy Gatske

“We’d beaten that team before. It was a supposed-to-win game…it was, in a way… an upset. It was my first tournament playing, so I’m like, obviously I want to win, but… I was in fourth grade… It was kinda one of those weird, I don’t know how to explain it… All of a sudden I heard my name and I was told to go up there and I’m like, OK, what is this for? And then they gave me the MVP thing and I thought, OK, this is pretty neat.” (Photo by Alex Mielcarz)

19Isaac Potter

“The happiest moment of my life was when I got my dog, and I got to go outside with him and try to train him…It was fun to be able to hang out with him and have him by my side… but it was fun when he was a puppy, taught him how to run, and trying to get him to hunt.” (Photo by Alex Mielcarz)

20Jacob Wayne

“The happiest moment I’ve experienced in my life has been when my mom was remarried and she found happiness again.” (Photo by Jio Montalvo)

21Ms. Kowalczyk

“I have two. The happiest two days of my life was when my children were born. I didn’t think I was able to have children, so when I got pregnant with my son, that was the first time I got pregnant naturally, and then I had to go through in vitro fertilization with my daughter, so when they were born, that was my happiest days.” (Photo by Jio Montalvo)

22Emerson Olen

“Blowing stumps on my grandfather’s farm in Sallisaw.”
“Sallisaw, Oklahoma?”
“Yeah . That’s the only Sallisaw.” (Photo by Josh Pearson)

23Michael Uliks

“My first time being on a plane.” (Photo by Josh Pearson)

24Joel Rojas

“My happiest moment in my life, I would have to say, is the day my dad took me to go see Monday Night Raw. I was a little kid, I’m a big fan of wrestling, so going to Monday Night Raw was one of the happiest moment of my life.” (Photo by Emily Soriano)

25Janette Romero

“The happiest moment was the day of my Quince because it was just, there wasn’t really any worries, I just felt like, care-free I guess, and then I had so much fun. It all happened too fast, though.” (Photo by Emily Soriano)

26Michael Sharp

“Well, the happiest moment of my life was, you know, I’ll be honest: I don’t know. I’m still searching for it.” (Photo by Brice Suter)

27Cody Kapeles

“The seconds after we won our game against Naperville North this year in football…nobody really thought we had a chance, and a lot of us didn’t think we had a chance…we just came in, , and it was great!” (Photo by Brice Suter)

28Andrew Bafundo

“The happiest moment in my life was when, this summer, my family had gone up to our house in Michigan and while there, my cousins had came up. There is a river not too far away from our house, and they decided to go down the river. Now, this river was notorious for being a real harsh way to go down, but the cousins decided they wanted to try it and wanted someone to go with, so I decided to go with them, and while we were in the river, real harsh time, really cold water, and the sun was going down and all of that. And tubing it was a very bad idea, so we ended up walking through the water the entire time. And the happiest moment for me was, because I despise this river, when we got to the final stretch and got to see the house on top of the hill and my parents waiting for us and was like a whole warm setting up there, and I could finally get out of this.” (Photo by Austin Svehla)

29Jacob Oppe

“That would be when I got my first job and when I got my first paycheck from my job.” (Photo by Austin Svehla)

30Gabriel Sardo

my happiest moment is probably getting a 100 percent in Geometry on the first quiz I took…I had two tests before that, and I got a 67 percent on one and a 50 on the other one, so my grade was failing. So I was like, ‘oh, I’m going to fail this class,’ but then I got a perfect score, so I was like, ‘wow, I’m really good,’ and then it brought my grade up to like a B or something.” (Photo by Zach Sato)

31Brady Hamrick

“Getting my dog… it was completely out of the blue. we were like, ‘let’s get a dog,’ then we got a dog.” (Photo by Zach Sato)
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