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Epic Games came out with a Fortnite update on Feb. 3, called 2.4.0 patch. The update was actually delayed due to server issues as it was supposed to be released on Feb. 1.

The creators added a mini-gun which takes light ammo. Light ammo is used in pistols, revolvers, and SMG (sub machine guns). One great thing about the minigun is you don’t have to reload it so when you have maxed out on Light ammo, (999) you can just spray down your enemy. This gun is only found in chest and supply drops and is only a purple (Epic) and gold (Legendary).

The damage of the Legendary mini-gun does 17 to the body and 42 to the head. But the damage of the Epic mini-gun does 16 to the body and 40 to the head. The mini-gun is best use to take down enemies tower/fort. And is best use in squads and duos so your teammates can rush them from the side.

The update not only added a mini-gun, but for console players, Epic Games added in the option to turn on and off the auto-run feature. This feature making it easier to get across the map without holding down run.


Epic games is continuing to bring new patches which bring new elements to the game.

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