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On the seventeenth of November, Oswego High School’s local talent gathered to perform for a good cause. The night included treats, drinks, entertainment, and a student staff. This slideshow contains a few captured moments during the event.

Some students had acts that constituted of singing pop songs, or classical, and even one from a popular movies such as La La Land with the song “Sky Full of Stars” performed by Bea and “Colors Of The Wind” from Pocahontas performed by Praise.

Other students took a daring risk and did stand up comedy for the audience, and cause a whirl of laughter as students Mark Melton and Tristan Ramos performed a duo of them dancing a routine with them in the most bizarre outfits. Not only did coffeehouse provide an eventful experience for the students and audience but all the donations were given to a family from the school, were sadly their home got destroyed in a fire. In total, the event raised over 800 dollars to help get the family back on their feet. Overall, Coffee House was a whooping success and a tradition that will last throughout Oswego for years and years.



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