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Fishing in November


Fishing in November can be hard. The fish start to move back down deep, they aren’t as active, most baits don’t work, but there are still a few places where you can catch fish.

One of the places is where Fox Metro releases the clean water back into the Fox River.

There is no need for heavy gear. All the at is needed is a light to medium pole with 6 lbs line. For the best results use a ⅛ ounce jig head or a ¼ ounce will work for the few larger fish. Use white, orange, pink, or chartreuse color jig heads and either a dark or light trailer, but never match trailer color to jig head color.

The spot does have thorn areas and cockle-burs so jeans are advised. The spot is on the Fox River near where Fox Metro releases the clean water back into the river. The best place to park is over at the Mobile off Route 25. Josh Pearson was the one who informed me about the spot as a request he would not like to tell how he crosses the river. If you can figure out how to cross the river then the spot is there.

Once at the spot you will see that there is a creek to the right and the river to the left. The way the water comes out from the plant is that it hits erosion barriers causing two eddie’s. Off to the left as the river creates another eddie leaving 1 small deep pool in between them.

Cast out into the eddie created by the plant and let it swirl making it look like a bait fishing being swept away by the current. Start to jig after waiting a couple of seconds and go at a moderate pace just make sure that the jig is close to the bottom. If the jig isn’t near the bottom you will rarely catch fish. You can also cast out into the river and jig it in.

There might be one or two fish sitting out there waiting. Casting to the right into the creek try to get close to the bank, but be weary that any jigs lost no matter how easily retrieved you can not go onto Fox Metro property. Many jigs will be lost but the fish there are worth it.

During the spring/summer there will be mostly bass, catfish, and carp with can all be caught off the jigs. As the seasons start to transition to fall/winter the bass will move away and walleye and carp will be the main fish there. Anything can be caught these are just what has been abundant.

Please remember that as much as it is fun to fish please release as many as possible so that the Fox River can continue to sustain a large population of fish except for all carp which are invasive.  


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