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Culvers Competition Ending This Weekend


This is it, the Culvers competition for $50,000 ends this Saturday, November 18th.

In order to even win any money, we need to place in the top 5. However, to win $50,000, we need to place first.

At this point, it’s gonna be tough, we have some good competition up against us. We could really use Oswego’s help this week.

As stated in the previous article, head over to the Culvers on 34, make a purchase, and fill out our survey and give us five stars for everything, please!

Even though we only have until Saturday, say we get 20 good surveys per day everyday this week, it could just help us win it all.

Whether it’s a $3 order, or a $50 order, every purchase could benefit us.

The survey only takes 2-3 minutes, and you also get a code for a free scoop of custard for your next visit!

Oswego is always great at supporting other things in town, so let’s continue that trend by helping out Culvers this week. Not only does Culvers have a friendly staff, it’s clean, fast and delicious as well, so why not come visit! We would really appreciate it.

Welcome to delicious!

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