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One Book, One School Day of Reading


On Friday, Sept. 9, a special event in conjunction with the One Book, One School project lasted for the entire day.

Students who signed up were excused for the entire day, and were required to bring a book to the LRC and read for the entire day. Although the book can be one of their choice, they are encouraged to bring the book “I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban.”

The LRC itself was set up in a way to be very relaxing, with beanbags, blankets, chairs, and even hammocks set up in a circle. It was a quiet environment, with the exception of the labs scattered around the room. Out of the 20 students that attended, a majority of them were girls.

Every student had a different reason for participating in One Book, One School, and Angie was no different. “I really love to read. I love that you can go to different places and  meet new people without having to leave… you fall in love with the characters and make connections with them that can be hard to make in real life.”

The event was a great success, with one student saying that it “Really cool,” and that she would, “Definitely do it again.”

“I am Malala,” written by Malala Yousafzai, tells the true account of her struggle as an female education advocate in an Islamic country. After getting shot in a school bus, she traveled to the UK where she continues the fight for women’s rights to this day.

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