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Hi! My name is Riley and it is my first year writing for 42fifty! I am extremely excited for this experience and I cannot wait to share stories. I am involved in news editing but focusing more on sport videos and articles for the website.

Repetition needs to end in a high school student’s schedule 

An open textbook and a blank worksheet on a desk surface

Repetition is a word lots of Oswego High School students use to describe their schedules. For example: I wake up, go to school, do my homework, go to work, find time for sleep, and I am extremely exhausted. 

VIDEO: OH celebrates Chicagoland 4×5 Art Exhibition 20th anniversary

Oswego High School celebrated the Chicagoland 4x5 Art Exhibition’s 20th anniversary by showcasing artwork submitted by students from SD308 and other Illinois school districts. Hosted by OHS and organized by Mr. Michael Jon Skura, the exhibition has students creating artwork that is no bigger and no smaller than 4x5 inches, challenging students to push themselves to make use of their space as best they can. These artworks can consist of anything from photography, digital media, painting, drawing, 3D, etc. Artwork was displayed from Nov. 9 through Nov. 15 in the main hallway and featured artwork from a variety of middle and high school student artists.

Stay healthy with these quick tips to prevent getting sick

OHS nurses' office

With winter around the corner, flu and cold season is on the rise at Oswego High School. With many students getting sick, missing class is becoming a common occurrence for students.  

‘Still’ not over Noah Kahan’s new album ‘Stick Season’

Basset hound walking in fall weather

It is officially fall and nothing is more fitting than music during this sweater weather. Noah Kahan, a singer and songwriter, recently released an album called Stick Season on Oct. 15. The album consists of 14 songs, 10 of which are written by Kahan. The album was released across platforms like Spotify and YouTube Music. 

4 ways to get involved in the environment 

Sunset over river

Lakes, parks, and prairies in the Oswego area have been affected by pollution for years. With school starting, it can be hard for Oswego High School students to find ways to be involved in the environment. Upcoming clubs, volunteer opportunities, and school classes can help students earn their volunteer hours and help clean the environment.