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Saw X Review

Warning: Spoilers, details about the film are included in the article.

The most recent Saw film, Saw X, was a brutal movie with most of the characters meeting their end. Audiences were surprised by the plot twist near the end of the movie that shows John Kramer’s true genius.

The basic plot entails John Kramer as the main character and following his story as he battles cancer he encounters another cancer patient who seems to be miraculously healed so he travels to Mexico to go receive the cancer operation then he finds out its was a con scam and takes his revenge on the con artists using his knowledge as the jigsaw killer making new and innovative traps.

OH senior Nikolas Pruitt said, “The ending… was an absolutely genius conclusion to another [movie] in the franchise, very well done with the intentional gas room trap leaving one of the couple to survive.” He also thought that “The best kill in the movie… was the Mayan mask chair which toasted the mock-surgeon and cab driver.” 

Pruitt also stated that “From my perspective, albeit heavily limited in knowledge, this Saw movie was unique to other movies with the setting and continuation of character development for John Kramer and his dubious games.”

Reinoso’s take:

My personal opinion of the movie is that it was very entertaining and absorbing, each kill kept my heart beating rapidly and kept me on the edge of my seat. This is the first Saw movie that I’ve seen in theaters and it had such a well written plot. 

Especially at the end where Kramer was trapped in his own trap with the kid from the beginning of the movie, and it seems all hope is lost for them. Then the audience sees the door lock on Parker and Pederson as they go and get the money, and the iconic music kicks in, showing all the planning behind the final hidden trap all the way from letting Pederson call Parker to letting him know where they hid a gun. It is very good screenwriting, and we can only thank the director Kevin Greutert for that. 

Overall, for my first Saw movie, it was really good in all aspects of gore and plot, and I would recommend the movie for anyone who isn’t too squeamish (movie goers might want to skip the popcorn for this one).

Moreno’s take:

In my opinion, the Saw series is very well written as it is not easy to come up with all the ideas for the traps while also having a good story. And I think the director, Greutert, did an amazing job directing this movie. 

What makes this movie so unique is how it makes viewers think. For example, when it seems like someone is going to die and at the last second viewers expectations are subverted. when they manage to escape what seems like an impossible situation. Like when Kramer got trapped in his own trap, and I thought he was definitely going to die, but he managed to escape. The traps in the movie were really detailed and well put together compared to the other traps from older movies. One of the most disturbing traps was the one where Diego had two pipe bombs attached to his arm, because imagining the amount of pain that he would have to go through to remove them gave me chills down my own arms. 

As John Kramer said “You have played your last con game, but not your last game.” So make sure to not make this your last Saw movie. If any movie goers are into gore and horror, I highly recommend watching Saw X. Overall, the movie was sensational in irony and enjoyment. I hope many people can go watch it this Halloween season.

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