Culver's in Oswego hosts many events, including an OHS scholarship for students. Credit: Juliana Christianson
Culver's in Oswego hosts many events, including an OHS scholarship for students. Credit: Juliana Christianson

On Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2023, attendees to the Special Education Department’s fundraiser at Culver’s in Oswego helped raise money towards scholarships for Oswego High School students. During that event, 20 percent of all Culver’s sales were to this cause, which will assist students with their plans. 

“At curriculum night, [Culver’s] donated a whole bunch of free ice cream to spread the word, [they] put flyers out, and sent things out to families,” said Cara Brown, Department Chair for Special Education. “In total $691.85 was raised.” 

To apply for this scholarship, eligible students must join the Google Classroom with a code which they can receive from a special education teacher. With the application, students must show proof of acceptance from a job training program, college, or a university, as well as a letter of recommendation from a staff member.

The application opened on February 21st and is due by March 29th of 2023. Last year, only four students were awarded the scholarship. The selection committee decides the winning students, and their goal this year is for five students to receive it instead. 

Special Education teacher Joseph Franta helped  host several events for the school including donations and fundraising. All of these different functions allowed the community to be more aware of the event and aided fundraising success.

“[It’s] a good idea [and] can help a lot of kids who can not afford college,” OHS senior Alexandra Bartell said.

Culvers is known as a place where people can consistently come for their food and customer service, which can benefit the school and students for future fundraisers.

Culver’s has a website called “Culver’s Foundations and Scholarships.”  This site holds a variety of different topics that go into how Culver’s functions as a whole and the different information needed for the scholarships. 

The website starts off with explaining how their staff operates, then from there goes into information, including how much money is made from these events for the scholarships. The website goes on to explain when the access date is available and when the deadlines are for the scholarships. 

Culvers strives to make meaningful differences in the lives of others and to help people of all different backgrounds receive help and more opportunities. From donations to scholarships like ours, their focus is to help support their community.

According to those involved with Culver’s Night, it was a success and staff shared how happy they were that Culver’s and the community worked together with a common goal: helping students in need. Culver’s Night was created as an understanding that most kids do not have the resources or the opportunity to go to pay for tuition for college because of their circumstances.

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  1. I am really grateful for the financial support Culver’s provides for so many of our schools and school groups. Thank you for highlighting this excellent cause with your article!

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