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Hello, my name is Alexa Cuevas and I'm currently a senior in high school. This will be my second year on being a staff member for 42Fifty and being a spanish editor.

Panther Pride Bracelets Show Unity

Orange bracelets for staff and blue bracelets for students read "PANTHER PRIDE." Credit: Pa'Shance Scott, 42Fifty

Oswego High School has taken great strides throughout the years in order to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and appreciated.   This year, Panther Pride is evident on the wrists of both students and staff with bright orange and blue bracelets.

Scholarship Fundraiser Brings in Almost $700

Culver's in Oswego hosts many events, including an OHS scholarship for students. Credit: Juliana Christianson

On Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2023, attendees to the Special Education Department’s fundraiser at Culver's in Oswego helped raise money towards scholarships for Oswego High School students. During that event, 20 percent of all Culver's sales were to this cause, which will assist students with their plans.  “At curriculum night, they donated a whole bunch of free ice cream to spread the word, put flyers out, and sent things out to families,” said Cara Brown, Department Chair for Special Education.“In total $691.85 was raised.”

La biblioteca pública de Oswego celebra la tarjeta de la biblioteca nacional Regístrese ahora 

Shelves full of books in the Oswego Public Library.

Para el mes de septiembre, la Biblioteca Pública de Oswego anima a las personas de la comunidad a inscribirse para obtener tarjetas de biblioteca para participar en la celebración nacional del Mes de inscripción de tarjetas de biblioteca a nivel nacional.

Phone Usage Impacts Students’ Learning

According to US News, 77% of schools have discontinued the usage of cell phones during class time by 2020. But the question is, when did phones become more important than learning?  A mobile phone is a major thing for a young adult to have. There are good things about having a phone at all times like contacting parents, siblings, family members, work, and friends in case of an emergency.

Pantherfest: inicio del año escolar 2023-24 

Porristas, banda de música y otros estudiantes están en el campo en Pantherfest

El viernes 18 de agosto, estudiantes y miembros activos de la comunidad de OH acudieron al estadio Ken Pickerill para mostrar su Panther Pride. Las multitudes se reunieron para animar en los eventos deportivos que mostraban a los atletas de otoño de OH y para participar en actividades en puestos animados organizados por clubes, atletismo y otros proveedores de...