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Zach Bryan’s Highly Anticipated Album Reaches for Heartstrings

Zach Bryan performs at a concert. Credit: Erika Goldring_WireImage
Zach Bryan performs at a concert. Credit: Erika Goldring_WireImage

Zach Bryan, the famous American singer/songwriter, released his highly anticipated album “Zach Bryan” on Aug. 25, 2023. The album has left listeners speechless, as each lyric conveys such deep feelings.This review dives deeper into his new album and highlights a few favorite songs. 


Beginning with amusing piano notes and peaceful guitar strumming,Bryan portrays a beautiful message in his song “Tourniquet.” He expresses the depth of bad days and how to care for the body. Bryan emphasizes there will be bad days, but that doesn’t mean a bad life. He sings this song to his struggling friend and demonstrates his support to someone at a low point. Hearing him verify his understanding presence strikes the listener as strong and makes the song much more sentimental. 


Spotless,” one of the later tracks, features The Lumineers and was one of the most highly anticipated songs on the album. Having similar writing and music styles, fans were ecstatic to see the collaboration of these two talented artists. The song emphasizes being imperfect and how the writer can never live up to the perfect human they’re asked to be. Being “spotless” is impossible, and they sing to listeners that it is okay to be imperfect.

“East Side of Sorrow”

The simple acoustics in this song express a feeling of despair throughout its runtime. Drawing memories from Bryan’s darkest years, he repeats the phrase “the sun’s going to rise tomorrow,” stressing things will get better. The upbeat drum melody and symphonic trumpet generate a hopeful idea in the song. The depth of the lyrics throughout “East Side of Sorrow” makes it a beautiful listen. This also has the classic taste of Zach Bryan and his skillful guitar-playing skills that make it feel like a country classic. 

“Summertime’s Close”

This track is a softer put song about missing someone, as it describes a summer with a loved one who is no longer here. As the song goes on Bryan sings about the strain his heart is facing, and it drives the idea of how much the loved one meant to him. The song strikes listeners as many can relate to the heartbreak teens face through the years. The lyrics of “Summertime’s Close” allow listeners to melt into the song because of its relatability. 


The song “Ticking” demonstrates the struggles to find one’s place in the world, representing a form of detachment from everything. The track explains the time people have to find peace with the world. The lyrics are introspective and provoke a sense of longing, nostalgia, and a desire for a deeper connection. The lyrics are very key because they give the song a feeling of separation. This helps the story portray the sense of detachment from the world.

Zach Bryan’s album is a refreshing take on the hopeless, confusing, heartbreaking, and joyous life we all experience. It strikes listeners deeper than his previous album as his eye for detail in each song reaches for his audience’s heartstrings. 

“All the love I have worth giving is all spent on my songs.” 

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