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Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet DLC: Teal Mask set to release Sept. 13, 2023


On Sept. 13, 2023, GameFreak will begin to release the new “Pokèmon Scarlet and Violet” downloadable content (DLC), “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero,” on the Nintendo Switch.

This DLC comes in two phases: “The Teal Mask” releases on the thirteenth, and GameFreak has confirmed that “The Indigo Disk” will be released in the winter.

“The Teal Mask” will have players explore a new land to uncover the secrets of a folklore story passed down for generations. Players will also gain new game functions, Pokèmon evolutions, and characters to interact with.

In the town of Kitakami, there’s a folk tale of the “Loyal Three” Pokèmon: Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti, all with the ability “Toxic Chain,” which may badly poison an opposing Pokèmon when hit. They seem to oppose the new Oni Pokèmon, Ogerpon, which has an abnormal terastallized state.

In “The Teal Mask” players can discover the new convergent evolution of Poltachageist, a grass/ghost type that shares several similarities to the Galarian Pokèmon Polteageist. Its ability, “hospitality,” restores Health Points (HP) for an ally when it enters the battle.

The other currently released “Teal Mask” exclusive Pokèmon is Dipplin, a branched evolution of the Galarian Pokèmon Applin. This grass/dragon type has the ability “Supersweet Syrup,” which lowers the evasiveness of opposing Pokèmon by one stage.

During game events, players may also obtain the new paradox forms of past legendaries: the Steel/Psychic Future Pokèmon, Iron Crown, and the Electric/Dragon Ancient Pokèmon, Raging Bolt.

These Pokèmon are not the only additions to the Scarlet and Violet Pokèdex. There are several returning Pokèmon, including starters, convergent evolutions, and new evolutions, for players to discover.

There will also be new human characters for players to interact with. The siblings Carmine and Kieran come from Blueberry Academy, and you will find them in “The Teal Mask”. A photographer named Perrin and a teacher from the Blueberry Academy named Briar will also make an appearance.

We are also getting some new exclusive mechanics. Players can visit the Timeless Woods with Perrin and play a new game adjacent to “Pokèmon Snap” to find a mysterious Pokèmon. Related to pictures, there will be a new item called the “Roto-stick,” an in-game selfie stick to help players take better pictures and share them within union circles.

The last “Teal Mask” exclusive mechanic is Ogre Oustin’. Riding on Koraidon or Miraidon (depending on their game), players can pop ogre balloons by themselves or with others and collect berries to bring to their berry table. Mochi will be your reward, a way of customizing or resetting the Effort Value (or EV) spreads on your Pokèmon.

Overall, the new “Teal Mask” phase, like the Sword and Shield DLC, will add several options for new players to customize their game experience, like new outfit choices that aren’t the seasonal school uniforms, and new party members and upgrades they could not experience in the base game.

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