A photo of three separate OHS students who are oldest, middle, and youngest siblings respectively.
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Being a sibling in general is incredibly challenging, especially if you have numerous siblings. 

According to Aha! Parenting, being the older sibling is difficult. Even when you’re a kid yourself, you’re expected to take on more responsibilities the older you get. For this reason, older children are frequently described as being more responsible, sensitive and having perfectionist tendencies. Additionally, older siblings may feel jealous of their younger siblings, who often gain more attention. 

“Yes it is stressful, because having to take on adult responsibilities at a young age, forces the oldest to mature faster, which then leads us to not have much of a childhood because we have a mindset of an adult rather than a kid,”  junior Antonio Torres, a student at Oswego High School, says. “They expect me to work, go to school, watch the kids, do all the chores in the house, and get good grades and sometimes it’s a little too stressful.” 

Absolute Bail Bonds says it is essential for the older sibling to be a positive role model who is focused on accomplishing their goals. The older sibling can also help the younger one avoid danger and difficult challenges that are not needed. Younger siblings will probably react to advice from their oldest child a little bit better than their parents.  

Being the middle child, squeezed between all of their siblings, may be tough. Your parents are focused on older siblings starting new chapters in their lives and younger siblings receive the rest of their attention. 

As reported by Healthline, the middle kid frequently feels the need to compete for their parents’ attention with both their younger and older siblings. While they have the possibility of being overlooked by one or both siblings, they could compete for the attention of their siblings. Being in the center of everything gives them the ability to manage situations more easily. 

“I do feel like they expect a bit more compared to my younger sister. I’m the eldest daughter, so they expect me to be the second mom plus the other expectations adding on top of that,” junior Brianna Huerta, a student here at Oswego High School, says. “I get along with both siblings great but the youngest/oldest don’t have a stronger bond between them. It’s sometimes nice to be a voice in between them.” 

Being the youngest child causes mixed emotions because it might affect that sibling in a number of different ways.

But, there are advantages to being the youngest of all siblings. 

The term “spoiled” is also used to define the youngest children, which everyone knows to be true.  Also, when one or more of their elder siblings leave to start new things in their lives, they receive more love and attention. Because they are the parents’ final “baby” in the home, the youngest child is spoiled because they frequently get whatever they ask for. Many people agree that being the youngest kid is better since, as the youngest, they have it easier because an older sibling or siblings have already paved the way for them 

“Having an older brother is easy. [He’s a] dude I can talk to where I can be made fun of, but I know he doesn’t mean any hate by it. We have our opinions on different things but by the end of the day, we are there for each other and it’ll always be that way,” junior Kyle Allard says.

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