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Boxes of chocolate aren’t always the best.

Ruby Williamson, 42Fifty

Everyone knows boxed chocolate. You walk into any store around Valentine’s Day, and the shelves are lined with heart-shaped boxes of various sizes and colors. These chocolate sample boxes available for the holidays seem like the perfect gift for chocolate lovers or someone who needs a foolproof gift. I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t buy them and some alternative options if you still want to gift chocolate. 

The downsides of boxed chocolates include the variety, the mystery, and the fillings. Most companies that create chocolate boxes don’t include a key or guide on what chocolates are included and what pairings have been created which may not be favored by many. Many people are very particular about what type of chocolate they like whether it be dark, milk, or white. With boxes of chocolate, you never know what kind you are getting, and if it is a variety, people may end up throwing out or getting rid of the type they don’t care for. 

If people aren’t going to enjoy all of the chocolates they receive or if it is a type of chocolate that they don’t like, it ends up being a waste of money and time. There are, however, better ways to gift chocolate. 

One of the best ways is a customized box either from a local confectionary or their favorite chocolate from the store. Many local confectionaries such as Graham’s Chocolate or All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva or Le Chocolat in Naperville have options that you can customize a box in-store. They also have a vast variety of other specialty treats.

If you want to go with a slightly more affordable option, you can purchase the favorite chocolates and candies of whomever you want to get the gift and create a chocolate basket or assortment. It’s a well-thought-out yet still simple approach to gift-giving.

There are so many different ways that chocolates can be gifted that boxed chocolate could become a less common gift seen. However, if boxed chocolates are the best that can be thought up, think about going for a higher-quality chocolate brand or a box that is all one type, such as Fannie May, to avoid some of the downsides of traditional boxed chocolates. So whether you decide to go for a customized option or a more simple alternative, you are on your way to gifting better chocolates.

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