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Valentine’s Day: Tips and tricks

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! For some people, this day is a fun, stress-free day to show their partner how much they love them. For others, the day can be saddening, stressful, or lonely. This article is a guide for those in need of a bit of help this holiday. Below, date and gift ideas are listed for those in relationships, and fun activities for those who are single. 

For the love doves:

To relieve the pressure of creating the perfect romantic moment, here are some date ideas for you and your partner!

Ice skating

Going ice skating is a fun and enjoyable experience, and a funny way to watch each other fall. All Seasons Ice Rink is close-by, inexpensive, and the perfect place for a Valentine’s Day date.


Taking your significant other out to dinner is a classic and timeless idea. This could range anywhere from a fancy restaurant to making a home-cooked meal, depending on your price range and interests. 


This creative date idea is to help appreciate each other’s interests. This is a way for you and your date to learn new things while having fun with one another. Nearby museums are the Art Institute of Chicago or the Shedd Aquarium.

Art lessons

This date is a fun and expressive way to treat your date on Valentine’s Day. It is perfect for creative or artsy couples, or someone hoping to try something new! You get to keep your artwork, which is also a bonus.

Cooking class

This is another way to have dinner with your significant other and both learn how to cook something new. This fun experience helps you to gain knowledge on each other’s cooking abilities- good or bad.

For those flying solo:

Even if you are not seeing someone this Valentine’s Day, there are still plenty of fun single activities you can partake in!

Movie night

Chill with friends and watch a funny or romantic movie. Eating snacks and making cookies are a given, but most importantly, relax and have fun with your friends.

Friends’ dinner

There’s nothing better than getting dressed up and going to a nice dinner with your best friends. If you are more of a homebody, wearing your pajamas and eating at home is always a great time as well. 

Self care day

What’s a better way to spend the 14th than making yourself feel good for the 15th? You can have friends over, or plan a spa for one to feel great for the next day. 


You can never go wrong with just letting your feelings out. If you need any inspiration, we have the perfect recommendations for you! See our ‘Sad girl’ song playlist.


Who doesn’t love a good retail therapy session? You can go treat yourself and buy whatever your heart desires (without breaking the bank). 

Present a present:

Everyone loves getting gifts. Here are some ideas of things to get friends, family, or your significant other this Valentine’s Day season!


The LEGO bouquet is a unique twist on getting someone flowers, plus it’s a fun way to spend time with your partner! These gifts last a lifetime!


If you want to keep it more traditional, getting flowers is perfect. This is a major go-to gift that you can never go wrong with. 


This classic gift is a very universal gift for friends, family, or even teachers. There are so many cute variations that you can find in Valentine’s Day sections of the store. 

Matching clothes

It’s cute to get sweatshirts or pajamas for your friends or significant other to take cute pictures together! 


This timeless gift is the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you. The jewelry could be personalized with engravings or something simple. 


Know a bookworm? You can never go wrong with getting someone a new book that they can enjoy in the second half of February. To add a special touch, you could leave them little notes or annotations. 


This costs nothing and is very personal. Whoever you make this for will enjoy listening to it and thinking about you as they do so.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, we hope that you have a wonderful time!

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