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The first pitch: Previewing the ’22 OH baseball season

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Photo credit: Jaidith Pick; image credit: Kira Farooqui, 42Fifty

There’s nothing that screams “high school sports team” more than four teenage boys not being able to keep straight faces for more than a minute at a time. OHS senior infielder Camden Pick can’t help but burst out laughing every time I would asked him questions; the other boys, catcher Tyler Stack, infielder Cade Duffin, and infielder Will Pavlick all crowd around him, laughing and giggling.

The past season was heavily affected by COVID-19, and as a result, the Oswego High School baseball team wasn’t able to complete a full season, major events like playoffs, and the possibility of state meant something different. However, the team did take home a nice, shiny conference trophy.

“Coming off a pretty solid season, we’re obviously going to have high expectations as a team,” Pick says once he finally composes himself. “Winning conference was a pretty big accomplishment for us last year, so we want to do that again.”

During the 2021 season, the varsity team rang in a solid ending by winning its last seven games. Last year’s varsity players, hoping to be on the 2022 team, all agreed that their work ethic was one of the biggest defining factors in their season results.

“Knowing we have easily one of the hardest conferences in state, we’ll have to work hard during practices and push each other to reach that goal during the offseason,” Pick says. “Last season we had a majority of seniors, and this year juniors. I feel it is important for me as a senior to be a leader to all the younger guys on the team. Our team has very good chemistry. Everyone is friends with each other.”

Pick, whose final season looms nearer and nearer, plans to end his senior year with a bang.

“A big goal this offseason of mine is to break the power clean record in the school weight room to bat over .400 my senior year,” Pick says. “I know that the only way I will be able to achieve those goals is to work every day this offseason, so that’s why I’m very excited for the next few months.”

Pick hopes that with his newly set goals, he’ll be able to achieve more.

Although a good work ethic plays a major role in the success of a team, the players still need to help each other out,  increase their physical endurance, and set goals. Catcher Tyler Stack, an OHS junior who recently committed to Xavier University, has his hopes set high for the future. 

“We lost a lot of experienced seniors last year, so getting our incoming juniors comfortable with the varsity level and the flow of things will help us throughout the season,” Stack says. 

The prospective team, always looking forward to breaking records and winning trophies, is beyond excited. Its next goal is, of course, state, but other competitions like sectionals and conference are always on the list. 

But big competitions like state can’t be possible without a good team chemistry.

When asked about traditions, Pick and Stack look at each other with a knowing look. Pick wanted to say something, but he laughs and looks embarrassed.

“We went to Portillos,” Pick says, mid-laugh. “Yeah, that went crazy.”

The two of them look at each other again, holding in laughs.

“We have music,” Stack says. 

Pick laughs again, clearly thinking about all the traditions he wants to mention, but probably shouldn’t. 

“Yeah, we don’t really have traditions; we just show up,” Pick says. Then, he remembers one of his favorites, but it’s hard to tell if he’s joking or not, because his voice is edged with sarcasm. “We have poker Fridays.”

Stack high-fives Pick. “Poker Fridays; that’s the tradition,” Stack says.

With a holding 12-6 win-loss record from the past 2021 season, the team has high hopes for their upcoming season, which is looking bright.

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