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Hello! My name is Kira Farooqui, and this is my second year working with 42Fifty. I couldn’t be more excited! I’m currently a senior at OHS who loves anything and everything cats, writing, and history. In my free time, I write my own novels that I hope to publish professionally one day. I look forward to many more years in journalism and writing my heart out!

Top 5 Sigma Males: Sigma or Stigma? 

Sigma. Males. They have taken over TikTok and have become a personality trait for most awkward high school students. Many psychopathic male fictional characters are being “romanticized” for their wrongdoings or “yassified,” and even quoted as worse terms I won’t get into. (Not to say this has not happened to female characters, too.) But who will be classified as sigma or stigma?

Josh Meares, rising senior, dies at 17

A photo of student Josh Meares, featured in the yearbook.

Senior Joshua J. Meares, 17, died unexpectedly on Friday, June 3, 2022. He was the only child of Julie and Frank Meares. He was born on April 11, 2005 in Naperville, Illinois. He is survived by his mother; his half-brother, James Bryan Meares; and his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Joshua was part of the Oswego High School Football team his sophomore...

RJ Cook: White Lightning strikes again—this time, from the sidelines

A graphic of three photos of RJ Cook over a stock image of lightning.

RJ Cook is a senior at Oswego High School, football is his passion, and it’s drawn him enough to accept a coaching position at OHS. Like any stereotypical high school athlete, his Instagram page is filled with photos of him in action under the lights. Since Cook was offered a coaching position at his soon-to-be alma mater, we had to know what made him agree to come back. 

[GALLERY] Oswego High School varsity faces Plainfield South in an easy win over the Cougars

Joel Johnson, wearing a white uniform with an orange number 9 on it, stands mid-swing in front of the Plainfield South catcher and the umpire.

Sports editor Kira Farooqui takes us through the win of Oswego High School varsity baseball over Plainfield South through a gallery of photos.

Lani Breedlove: an athlete to keep pinned

Oswego High School junior Lani Breedlove is the captain of the Varsity Girls Bowling Team that finished No. 3 in the state final. Her success earns her a lot of praise from surrounding coaches, one being the head coach, Mr. Dan Okoren, who is also the Career and Technology Education department chair at OHS.  “She is a good teacher. A good...