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Kira Farooqui - Editor-in-Chief

Hello! My name is Kira Farooqui, and this is my second year working with 42Fifty. I couldn’t be more excited! I’m currently a senior at OHS who loves anything and everything cats, writing, and history. In my free time, I write my own novels that I hope to publish professionally one day. I look forward to many more years in journalism and writing my heart out!

The first pitch: Previewing the ’22 OH baseball season

A graphic that features a baseball stadium at night with black-and-white pictures of OHS baseball player Camden Pick in various action shots.

There’s nothing that screams “high school sports team” more than four teenage boys not being able to keep straight faces for more than a minute at a time. OHS senior infielder Camden Pick can’t help but burst out laughing every time I would asked him questions; the other boys, catcher Tyler Stack, infielder Cade Duffin, and infielder Will Pavlick all crowd around him, laughing and giggling. The past season was heavily affected by COVID-19, and as a result, the Oswego High School baseball team wasn’t able to complete a full season, major events like playoffs, and the possibility of state meant something different.

Why the ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series is Rick Riordan’s magnum opus

The Heroes of Olympus series stacked vertically on a bookshelf in between the Percy Jackson series and the Trials of Apollo series.

If you were one of the millions of middle-schoolers that was obsessed with either Greek mythology (for some odd reason… I don’t know why that was such a common occurrence) or the Percy Jackson series, I have the perfect series for your high-schooler heart that’s longing for that sense of childhood again.

Bus driver shortage forces remote learning for some OH, Traughber students

On Jan. 19 at 7:11 PM, the SD308 district sent an email addressed to SD308 parents stating that there would be yet another bus driver and monitor shortage for Thursday and Friday, this time involving the routes affiliated with Traughber Jr. High School and Oswego High School.

Mental health issues in athletes: The conversation we should have always been having

A digital drawing of student athletes in the locker room, one of which is off to the side, looking upset.

In recent years, the mental health crisis has risen to an all-time high, but people are also slowly beginning to talk about it. People are learning how to ask for help and seek support, but we should be talking more about how athletes struggle with their mental health, too.

BREAKING: Rumors of a weapon in the school deemed inaccurate

outside of the dean's office

At approximately 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 3, the OHS administration sent out an email to all students stating rumors there was a threat involving an individual in the building with a weapon were occurring. 

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