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Skits and Giggles 4 – Another Round of Good Skits

The cast members of the play bowing on stage after the performance.
Image Credit: Austin Lamb, 42Fifty

The OHS winter play took place on Feb 10th and 11th, serving as the fourth installment in the “Skits and Giggles” series. The director described this series as “sort of like Saturday Night Live”, and explained that it is “student directed” and that freshman and sophomores audition and perform in the play, while “juniors or really anyone can write, but only juniors and seniors can direct”. Previous years have included a theme, but this year does not. Last year was digitally recorded while students were at home. This episode, as well as the last one, had the actors wearing masks throughout its entirety. At a glance this may seem like it would be problematic as actors do not have body mics, but there were few parts where it was difficult to hear or understand the actors on stage. They generally did a great job at projecting their voices far more than they would usually have to, while still landing proper delivery for most jokes.

All of the actors generally did a very good job performing their skits, and almost every skit had the audience laughing to some degree. Some skits did sort of fall short and blend in with each other, but that is to be expected in any comedy show. The important thing was that there were plenty of standout performances, specifically the skits “Maid Vs. Robot”, “May the Law be With You”, and “Marge” skits taking the cake for me personally. Each of these skits displayed charismatic and very entertaining characters that kept the audience entirely entertained.

“Marge”, a sketch about a rude hospital secretary, had my favorite main character of any of them, featuring frequent sassy quips and an attitude that would fit a popular sitcom character. I was surprised with the consistency of the jokes with this one, with each bit getting funnier and funnier. Played by Reem Hamid, the character of Marge was definitely a highlight of the entire play.

There was clearly a considerable amount of thought and effort put into each of these skits, and when the jokes landed, they generally landed very well. The audience received most sketches very well, and many of the longer, more action-packed scenes had many people consistently laughing. 

Once again, Skits and Giggles provided quality performances and well written sketches from the students.

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