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Your music guide to heartbreak

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While Valentine´s is a day of celebration and love for so many, for those suffering from recent breakups or rejection, Valentine´s Day can worsen the wound. Whether you’re recovering from teenage heartbreak, or trying to figure out how to get your twenty bucks back from a man who couldn’t pay for his own family-size platter of chicken tenders, here are the top five songs for your five stages of grief. 

Denial: “(One of Those) Crazy Girls” by Paramore

As a certified crazy ex girlfriend, I can confirm that denial is no easy feat. Hayley Williams summarizes the thoughts of the refuting girlfriend, refusing to accept the end of her relationship. While I certainly do not condone breaking into your ex’s home, Paramore’s “(One of Those) Crazy Girls” can allow you to cling onto the strings of your relationship, but for only three and a half minutes. 

Honorable Mentions: ¨Don´t Speak¨ by No Doubt, ¨Jonny¨ by Faye Webster, ¨PUPPET¨ by Tyler, The Creator, “Lovefool” by The Cardigans

Anger: “No Love” by Summer Walker and SZA

Summer Walker is notorious for her doyenne demeanor, so it comes to no surprise that with SZA involved, we have been blessed with the perfect combination of regret, affliction, and bitterness. With lyrics reminiscing on the downfalls of past relationships, “No Love” allows you to turn that heartbreak into something much more meaningful, the important reminder to not text your ex. 

Honorable Mentions: ¨Hold Up¨ by Beyoncé, ¨Come Through¨ by The Regrettes, ¨Go Love You¨, by The Regrettes, “I Hate U” by SZA

Bargaining: “Why Don’t You Love Me” by Beyoncé

Of course, in order to have a true breakup playlist, we need some 2000’s realness, and who better than Beyoncé? As she tries to understand how someone can not love her no matter how hard she tries, Beyoncé lists all of her attributes in attempts to convince this man, and perhaps herself, of her worth, only to realize in the end that he is ¨just plain dumb¨. This song is perfect for expressing the frustration that comes with trying to get someone to stay, but helps keep listeners grounded through the theme of self worth. And, quite honestly, it is certainly reassuring to know Beyoncé struggles with her own heartbreaks, because, seriously? Who dumps Beyoncé? If she can´t even hold onto him, is he really worth hanging onto?

Honorable Mentions: ¨Better Than Me¨ by Doja Cat, ¨Want U Back¨ by Cher Lloyd, ¨A BOY IS A GUN¨ by Tyler, The Creator, “Second Act” by Varsity

Depression: “Sometimes” by Faye Webster

Of course, being a heartbreak playlist, Faye Webster is absolutely essential. While shuffling any album of hers is basically a one way ticket to a Monday night meltdown, “Sometimes” has got to be the most gut wrenching. Guaranteed to make you cry in the middle of an empty coffee shop, Webster mourns the ending of her relationship, while still wishing for a future that is seemingly impossible. With her soft voice and fragile lyrics, this song absolutely embodies heartache. 

Honorable Mentions: ¨Cellophane” by FKA twigs, ¨Room Temperature¨ by Faye Webster, ¨Hurts Me Too¨ by Faye Webster, ¨Bad Religion¨ by Frank Ocean, “Lover” by Ashley Koett

Acceptance: ¨Me, Myself and I¨ by Beyoncé

Ok, yes, Beyoncé again. But listen, this is the Beyoncé we´re talking about here. Not only has Beyoncé been nominated for 79 Grammys, making her the most nominated woman artist, but she has felt the hurt of cheating from husband JAY-Z. Beyoncé’s 2003 “Me, Myself and I” reminds us who really matters, ourselves. After realizing how much hurt the relationship caused her, Bey puts herself first, understanding the importance of walking away and having your own best interest in mind. If she can do it, you can too. 

Honorable Mentions: “For the First Time” by Best Coast, “Where Is the Love” by The Monzas

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