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Point/Counterpoint: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Image Credit: Rae Barry, 42Fifty

In the spirit of the season of love, 42Fifty editors Rae Barry and Jake Dickerson debate on just how much Valentine’s Day should impact our February 14th.

Point: Valentine traditions should be upheld.

Rae Barry

To the annoyance of many, Valentine’s Day takes up the entirety of my personality from the very start of each new year, until mid February. By the time March hits, my wallet has been completely depleted at the hands of Walgreen isles, heart adorned sneaker releases, and pink bikinis for Galentine weekends. As both a hopeless romantic and pink enthusiast, Valentine’s Day is my time to shine. 

Of course, with any holiday season, there’s the anxiety that tags along with all the festivities. For singles across the nation, it’s easy to think about Valentine’s Day and envision ourselves watching sad, Netflix original rom-coms, while binging on the discount chocolates left over at your local drug store. But after hours of of Pinterest scrolling and playlists, it’s hard to deny just how much excitement Valentine’s entails. From baking heart shaped cookies smothered in strawberry preserves, putting together make-shift bouquets from your closest (yet slightly inconveniently located) Trader Joe’s, to filling out the “Despicable Me” Valentine’s from elementary school, now is more of an excuse than ever to put your hobbies to use. 

But of course, it is still the season of love, giving the perfect opportunity to finally make your move on that special person you’ve had your eye on. I know you’ve seen it, the subtle yet sweet gesture that leaves them swooning. It’s the perfect Hallmark movie scenario. The beauty of pulling your own Valentine’s Day rom-com, is the comedy aspect. Maybe you get rejected, maybe your getting laughed at on your mile walk home as rain pours down dramatically. But you’re still the main character, and this comedic tragedy will only make the eventual success that much sweeter.

Counterpoint: Valentine’s Day is no excuse to be tied down.

Jake Dickerson

You may ask why should you be single on Valentine’s Day? Well it’s actually financially smarter and better for your mental health. Without needing to worry about what you should get your significant other as a gift you could instead invest that money into cryptocurrency or into a 401k and rack up more money off your money. Or you could use that money to treat yourself to a nice dinner because you don’t need a partner to have fun on Valentine’s Day. Being single allows you to keep your options open. You’re in high school, you have your whole life ahead of you so why not just sit back, enjoy life, and not worry about relationships. Go out and explore the playing field and find the right one for you, or don’t! Just play the field if you want to, doing both is plenty of fun. Not having a significant other allows you to focus on yourself and better yourself. You can get in the gym like you’ve been wanting to, learn how to cook, get a job, anything you’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t had time to do, find time on Valentine’s Day! I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day playing the field so why don’t you do the same?

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