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Ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day


As I was preparing to write an article for Valentine’s Day, I interviewed random students to see what their pending plans were for the holiday. The feedback I received was consistently negative, with students expressing that they did not want to celebrate the holiday, mainly because of not being in a relationship. BUT… the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself! So, here’s a list of ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

1. Reading/Writing

Have you read the book that inspired your favorite movie? Or forgot about the travel book on Australia you bought ages ago, because you dream of visiting the Sydney Opera House and taking a picture with a koala? Now’s the time to finally get around to reading those books that have been collecting dust on the shelf. Read up on your interests, perhaps gain a new one, or write your own story. Put pen to paper, and let it all out. Think of the empty lines as a blank canvas for freely expressing your emotions. 

2. Clean

A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. Organization is known to reduce stress and increase productivity. To eliminate disorganization, sort through your things. You can group similar items together, and store them in bins. Or if you come across something that no longer serves a purpose for you, donate it to someone that could be better put to use. Organization can extend beyond your physical belongings. For example, you can delete excess emails or old text messages. Just cleaning up your surroundings can help you feel so much better. 

3. Music

Put on your jam and organize your playlists. There’s the built-in bonus of rediscovering some of your old downloads and jamming out to your new favorites, as well. Clearing out your music library also better controls what you’re absorbing. Music has been shown to improve your mood, increase motivation, relieve depression symptoms, reduce blood pressure, and even treat pain. 

4. Work Out

Get those happy endorphins flowing, while increasing your stamina and improving your overall health. You can take a run in the great outdoors or, if the cold is a bit too extreme for you right now, there are things you can do indoors. Try lifting weights, stretching with a variety of yoga poses, flowing in Tai Chi, or just dancing around the kitchen. Plus, getting your blood pumping will give you a Valentine’s Day glow.

5. Hobby

Have you ever wanted to learn to knit a cute, cozy scarf, or create a painting for your living room? Or maybe you already know how, but life gets too busy to make time for those things anymore. Whether you are a beginner or novice, take time to pursue your interests & passions. 

6. Gifts

Spoil your friends. Of course, if you can, there’s the idea of buying them something special, but gifts aren’t always necessarily material things. Whether it be a handmade card, a text reminding a friend of your support, or even giving your bestie a hug, show your appreciation for the people that are always there when you need them.   

7. Shop

Everyone loves a little retail therapy, am I right? If your bank account allows, treat yourself to what’s been sitting in your cart. There are also resale shops, where you can sell your own gently used items and/or purchase others’ gently used items at a discounted price. Purchases do not have to be extravagant and can be something as simple as a new chapstick or accessory. Life is not so much about material items but, let’s be honest, it feels good to get something new from time to time.

8. Spa Night

Paint your nails your favorite color, or try out 2022’s top shade: periwinkle. Take a risk with that new haircut and/or color you’ve been contemplating recently. Whether it’s a simple face mask or a complete makeover, you’ll feel relaxed and renewed after taking some time to unwind.

9. Movie Marathon

Binge-watch! There are so many easily accessible movies and TV series available. Courtesy of the pandemic, many new releases are going straight to streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more, which offer affordable monthly plans and/or free trials. Grab some popcorn, put your feet up, and clear out your watch list. 

10. Community

You can also spread love throughout your community in many ways. Volunteer to make meals at Feed My Starving Children, babysit the children of a couple celebrating the holiday, or spend quality time with a family member you haven’t had a good talk with lately. You could even plant a tree or flowers, which improves the environment and serves as a visual reminder of your own personal growth. Whatever it may be, giving back is sure to make everyone feel the love this Valentine’s Day. 

The people I questioned did not have plans because they weren’t in a relationship, which means you’re not alone! If you want some company Monday, ask someone to join you. These activities not only work solo, but also with friends. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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