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Dress to impress: @ohs_outfitreviews_ is rating Oswego’s sense of style


Oswego High School students have taken the shenanigans to social media with the wildly popular OHS outfit reviews Instagram page. @ohs_outfitreviews_ appeared on Instagram earlier in the year, ready to cause harmless fun for OHS students on Sep. 15. The anonymous account owner(s) rate and review OHS students’ outfits in a comedic fashion.

This account encourages students to direct message photos of their friends or themselves, which the account owner posts. The post often includes the individual’s name in the photo, either humorously misspelled or completely changed to different words, along with a rating of the “fit,” and an explanation of the student’s outfit that can be a jumble of Generation Z slang and jokes. 

I was able to conduct my interview over Instagram direct messages with the account owner(s) who choose to remain anonymous for this story.

The only issue many people saw within the Instagram page was that initially, the account urged students to take photos of random people and outfits they saw throughout the school, which the account did as well. Many students were uncomfortable with this but were interested in sending in their own photos of themselves or friends with permission instead.

When asked about why the Instagram used and promoted using unsolicited photos they explain, “We were notified that it made people uncomfortable and upset knowing that they could be posted at any time without knowing so we changed it.” Since then, any photos taken without knowledge have been removed from the Instagram page. 

The change suited the Instagram well and kept OHS students wanting to engage while feeling safe. 

while explaining the process of rating outfits and how they review them, the account owner(s) shares, “We really score the outfits based on if we’re joking around more or the outfit is super original and stands out.” 

Students at OHS loved the fun and witty Instagram that was integrated into their school environment by posing for and taking photos of themselves or friends to be reviewed on the Instagram page. 

“All we want to do is make people laugh,” the account owner(s) state. 

For senior and orange crew leader Bridget Moran, the Instagram has been uplifting. 

Moran shares, “I like it because I think it was funny and everyone was excited about something especially cause it’s been a hard year.”

OHS senior Nathan Ely also enjoys the Instagram page.

“It is funny and cool,” Ely says. “I feel like it is something that should be more done in OHS because people take things too seriously nowadays.” 

The Instagram page was thriving throughout homecoming week and received many submissions through Instagram direct messages. 

Bridget Moran had fantastic spirit day outfits, many of which have been posted and reviewed on the Instagram page. When Bridget had first learned about the Instagram page she explains, “I should be on this!” It was only a matter of time until she was, many times. 

Ely himself doesn’t have Instagram but gives good insight on how social media like this account and others could affect students. 

“I feel like [social media] is a really toxic culture, especially nowadays and the way things are evolving,” Ely says. “Us teenagers are beginning to realize, ‘Oh hey! We can get away with a lot of stuff on social media because we don’t have to be talking in front of people.’” 

Although the account owner(s) do a good job of keeping it a safe environment, they explained they won’t post submissions that are “sent in a negative way, we won’t post or entertain that in any way.”

The Instagram page is exciting for students, yet it has recently lost popularity as posts have been far and few between, and likes, comments, and other forms of engagement have dwindled. During its peak, it offered a break from the stress and harshness high school students face. 

@ohs_outfitreviews_ hopes “to eventually tell people who we are. We would love for this to continue for as long as we can, but the future is unknown.” 

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