Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Senior Column: From the bottom of my heart to the metal in my spine, thank you.

baby delaney smiling at the camera

Wow, I'm a senior. I still feel like a 4th grader, I look like one too. And I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. 

Delaney explains politics: What’s going on with Russia and Ukraine

american flag drawing with 42 fifty staff members head pasted onto presidential suit figure

As most people know, Russia recently invaded Ukraine on Feb 24, 2022, which heightened tensions between the two, and ultimately has lead to a state of war. A lot of people do not understand why, including me at first. Here I debunked myths, give facts and opions.

SD308 knows sexual harassment is an issue at school, now what?

Student taking survey

SD308 identified that sexual harassment is an issue within the district, what now, how should it be addressed, whats the plan?

OHS back in person for second semester, but was that really the best option?

Graphic illustration of a student wearing a mask, and covid

As students returned to school in January for the second semester, so did COVID. How did SD308s board of education handle the returning to school, and what should have been done differently?

Dress to impress: @ohs_outfitreviews_ is rating Oswego’s sense of style

Bridget Moran posing for ohs_outfitreviews in her spirit day outfit

Oswego High School students have taken the shenanigans to social media with the wildly popular OHS outfit reviews Instagram page. @ohs_outfitreviews appeared on Instagram earlier in the year, ready to cause harmless fun for OHS students on Sep. 15. The anonymous account owner(s) rate and review OHS students' outfits in a comedic fashion.

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