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‘Easy On Me’ track review and ’30’ album predictions


After nearly six years of no music, legendary English singer songwriter Adele has returned with her new track “Easy On Me,” as well as the announcement of her upcoming album, 30, to be released Nov. 19, 2021. 

The album is rumored to be primarily centered around her divorce from Simon Konecki, which was finalized earlier this year. All we have to work with right now, though, is “Easy On Me,” a reserved piano ballad with an outstanding vocal performance. 

This track centers around Adele’s powerful voice and the piano melody throughout, with a subtle groove about halfway through with the addition of drums and bass. This is a stark contrast to some of Adele’s earlier, more atmospheric work, such as “Hello”, the first single from her previous album, 25. “Easy On Me” could have perhaps done with some less repetitive melodies in some spots, but the chorus very much makes up for it. The song does not progress much, but the subtle and delicate changes in the instrumental are very satisfying if you’re paying attention. While I do enjoy tracks that require the listener to pay close attention, I would prefer for there to be more going on with the track with its instrumentation and textures. 

Adele clearly still has one of the best voices in music, but what could 30 sound like overall?  An entire album of this style could be difficult to sit through without paying absolute attention and reading the lyrics, but it’s impossible to tell what  kind of progressions the rest of the songs from 30 could have. It is likely that Adele will want to convey her emotions through a deep lyrical experience, so it isn’t foolish to assume many of the other songs will be similar to “Easy On Me.” I hope that we can see a few more densely layered, atmospheric tracks on the album, but I predict that strong emotional ballads like this one will dominate 30. This album will likely be for anyone willing to dive into what Adele has to say and whatever deeply emotional stories she has to tell, more so than those looking for a complex or exceedingly intriguing instrumental composition.

Adele’s album 30 is set to be released on Nov. 19, 2021 via Melted Stone and Columbia Records.

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