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District resets student Tyler SIS passwords


School District 308 announced via an email sent to all of the junior high and high school students that all the passwords for the Tyler SIS system were to reset on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 18. The password change was for continued security and safety of student information.

A notification of the reset was also emailed to parents and guardians on Monday night. Parental access to the Tyler portal and passwords will not be affected by the password change. Only the junior high and high school students had their passwords officially changed.

“It was in the announcements, and then also shared by me to our entire staff,” Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, Ms. Tania Sharp, said. “It was a security measure that I assume will probably happen more than once.”

Tyler SIS was introduced to students as they came back from the summer break, replacing the Home Access system that had been in place in the years prior.

“Students just need to make sure they’re checking their email and following the directions given,” Sharp said.

The password can be reset by going to the Tyler website through the Tyler student portal, and clicking the hyperlink that says “Forgot your student password?” to which it will ask for the username in use to log into the account. An email will be sent to the email attached to the account, that will provide a link to change the password. The link will go back to the Tyler website, and it will ask for a new password. Once given, an email will be sent confirming the change of the password.

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