Homecoming was “litty” at Oswego High School, according to some students. Some students would even say this is one of the best dances that there’s been at the high school over the last couple of years, thanks to the environment and the music. But some would also say that it could be better if we just had a bigger stage and more fans.

What would you rate homecoming out of 10?

Aveonte Grant

“Nine.” – Aveonte Grant, junior

Kevin House

“10.” – Kevin House, senior

Reggie Townsend

“7 1/2.” – Reggie Townsend, senior

What did you think about the music?

Aveonte Grant: “The music was mediocre.”

Kevin House: “You know I get greasy into anything, so you know I don’t really have no problem with the music.”

Reggie Townsend: “It was pretty good.”

How do you think the environment felt?

Aveonte Grant: “It was really hot.”

Kevin House: “The environment was litty. Everybody had the same mindset: have fun. It was amazing.”

Reggie Townsend: “The environment was tight and close together, but filled with excitement.”

If you could improve anything about homecoming, what would you improve?

Aveonte Grant: “I would improve the conditions. It was very close quarters, but I mean, that’s how every party is. It was really hot, so I would put more fans. make the stage larger because it was really small.”

Kevin House: “For me, to be honest with you, would be a bigger stage, and for us to, you know, actually be on stage and have fun and interact with each other. Other than that, I give it a 10/10”

Reggie Townsend: “They can improve on the stage because it was too small, and people being pushed and getting bruised, then it would be great.”

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