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Letter to the Editor

[This letter is in response to the “Skits and Giggles” review published on Feb. 28, titled “’Skits and Giggles’: More skits than giggles,’” by Staff Writers Carter Zwart and Matt Zgobica]

From Nolan Valyou, Class of 2022

I’m Nolan Valyou, a freshman student at Oswego High School, and concerned reader of 42Fifty. Recently, staff writers released a review on The Standing O Theater Company’s production of “Skits and Giggles,” which was Oswego High School’s Winter Play this year. While writing reviews on movies and plays in a newspaper or blog is popular among readers, reviewing fellow students is completely inappropriate. Several times, the review includes demeaning remarks and discouraging comments. For example, the review reads “the acting in this play was not horribly bad, but it was pretty rough in some spots. Some actors seemed like they did not want to go ‘all-in’ on their roles possibly because of stage-fright or even laziness.” For some weaker actors, it takes a lot of courage to perform on stage in front of an audience. Reading this review, they might become disheartened and be frightened to perform again. As a school, we should be encouraging our fellow classmates, rather than deterring them from getting involved, which is very important in a functioning student body. Towards the end of the article, the review reads, “The worst skit was the final skit of the show.” This is very demoralizing as it uses harsh language to describe the acting of our peers.

This article in whole is very disrespectful towards the writers’ classmates and should have been more carefully edited before being published. I, as a frequent reader, hope to never read another inconsiderate article published by 42Fifty. At OHS, we support each other no matter what, and this article is the exact opposite of what Panthers stand for.

Your Informed and Concerned Classmate,

Nolan Valyou, Class of 2022

Editor’s Response

Dear Nolan,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your concerns! I understand that critical reviews can be difficult to read, especially for students who are just starting to act. Every review 42Fifty publishes aims to present honest opinions of the writer(s), meaning that not every review of a school production will be positive. It is our job as a journalistic publication to produce honesty over promotion.

This review does not reflect the opinions of the publication as a whole, but rather the opinions of the specific authors of the review. To add, in reviews on student productions, we do not cite students by name in our criticism unless it is to provide praise.

Thank you for your input! I hope this clarifies 42Fifty’s writing and editing process!

Charlie Recchia, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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  1. I believe that people are being too harsh about the original article. It was an opinion piece, meaning that it will depict the authors feelings towards the subject, whether positive or negative. Not everyone is going to agree with the piece, but you cannot really complain about the article when it is written as advertised.

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