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BriGuy’s 2019 Oscar predictions

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The Oscars are right around the corner! The question is, who will win a Golden Man? Here are my predictions on who will win at the upcoming Oscar ceremony, taking place Sunday, Feb. 24 2019.

For Best Director I would say it would go to Alfonso Cuaron. Cuaron has been recognized on his directing work for the film “Children of Men” in 2006. In 2018, his direction of “Roma” received a ton of praise for its brilliance. The film is shot beautifully, with all of the actors giving the best performances they can due to Cuaron’s direction. If Cuaron doesn’t get the award, I will be shocked—he’s an amazing director.

In terms of the Best Actor category, I predict the award will go to Christian Bale. Bale would be perfect for this award due to his amazing and transformal performance as Dick Cheney in the film “Vice.” Bale’s skills are so great that you completely forget that you are watching an actor play a character; you feel as if you are watching Cheney himself on the big screen. For this one, it’s Bale or nobody because Christian Bale is THE best actor in history of acting! If you compare your favorite actor to Christian Bale, you know Bale always win with no questions asked.

For the Best Picture category, I think the Golden Man will go to “Black Panther” because it was a very good movie, had great critical reception, and had some brilliantly written scenes. However, it is rare that Marvel movies ever win Oscars in the big categories, but you never know. History would definitely be made if “Black Panther” wins best picture, and I certainly hope it does.

Not to mention, for the Best Visual Effect category, the Oscar will hopefully go to “Avengers Infinity War.” The visual effects in that movie were beyond amazing! I loved how the designers made Thanos look so realistic and detailed. All of the battle scenes also looked amazing and incredibly polished. Like I said before, even though Marvel movies rarely win Oscars in big categories, I believe this one has a higher chance at winning because of how much it actually deserves it. Maybe it’ll win maybe it won’t who knows, maybe it’ll catch us by surprise. I certainly hope so.

Hopefully my predictions turn to a reality during this year’s Oscar ceremony. You never know who is going to win, but I will remain hopeful that my predictions come true. The Oscars are an amazing event to celebrate the actors, directors, and movies all in the film industry. There are great nominees for every category this year, and I’d say they all deserve to win an Oscar, however, there can be only one winner, and only time will be able to tell who the real winners are. So who will win a Golden man, only time will tell. For now I hope my predictions come true because I’ve picked interesting nominees for those categories.

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