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GALLERY: Oswego hockey suffers tough 2-5 loss at home against Naperville North


In a conference match between the Naperville North Huskies and the Oswego hockey team, it was the Huskies who took the win in the end at the All-Seasons Arena on Saturday, Jan. 12. With early goals in the beginning by both teams, it was the third quarter that the Huskies put the in front to secure the win. Despite facing many struggles throughout the game, it was the hot defense that kept the Panthers fighting hard until the final period. Check out the photos below.

Junior Max Dukovac (91) walks into the game after missing the first seven minutes, with 12 goals on the season, Dukovac came to play. “He’s one of our best who puts in 110 percent, game in and game out” senior Nick Johnson (5) said.
Dukovac and senior Aaron Sinta (21) race down the ice on a breakout pass, looking to score the first goal of the game for the Panthers. “Those two are dangerous, especially when they work together,” Johnson said.
All they need is one chance, and that’s all it takes for senior captain Jack Harris (16) to go and add onto his impressive six-goal season. “He’s a great leader and a great captain who is always motivating us,” Johnson said.
Patience is a crucial part of any sport and sophomore Brandon Alesia (23) knows that just as well as anyone else. “We just have to work and be patient and the opportunity will come to us,” Johnson said.
Hockey means a lot to a lot of different people, and to people like senior Nicholas Johnson (5), hockey is something that he’s been doing for so long he practically lives at the rink. “The coaches are doing a great job, and I feel once we become more disciplined, we can win more games,” Johnson said.
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