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Oswego’s pre-homecoming food truck feast

A comprehensive food truck review


On Oct. 11, students and staff treated themselves to some powerful pizza, gorgeous grilled cheese sandwiches, and delicious dumplings from a variety of food trucks outside the OHS cafeteria. There was such a wide variety of options to keep everyone satisfied, so we sought out what the food trucks had to offer (and some were amazing).

Fat Tomato 2.5/5 Stars

We started our eating binge at the taco truck Fat Tomato. The truck served three types of tacos:  beer-can chicken, black bean, and shredded steak. The line was about 10 minutes long, while the cold air stabbed us like shards of glass. We were hoping for some amazing tacos after the excruciatingly harsh weather we endured. When the shredded steak tacos finally arrived, they were the most disappointing things we ever tasted.

The vegetables and red sauce dominated the steak, creating an imbalance of ingredients. The steak had no flavor, was tough as nails, and had the texture of cardboard. This was definitely the weakest out of all the food trucks we attended.

Yum Dum  5 stars

Credit: OHS Reflector

Next on our taste tour was Yum Dum to get some dumplings, which were pretty solid. This truck mainly served dumplings and other Asian cuisine. The immediate taste of the dumplings we tried took us by surprise. The sour taste of the sauce hit strong like a brick. The veggies then turned the strength into a sweetness. This contrast didn’t take away from how outstanding they were. It was upsetting to see such a short line in front of Yum Dum, because their quality was top-notch.

Bricks on Wheels 3.5 stars

Credit: OHS Reflector

This was the longest wait for food during our sampling. Everyone seemed to want to get a Neapolitan pizza. Our excitement grew as the aroma got stronger and the line got shorter.

We eventually got a steamy and warm cheese pizza. Each of us took two pieces and chowed down. We initially thought it was amazing. Who doesn’t think pizza is amazing? However, on further inspection, it just tasted like any normal piece would. That isn’t a bad thing, but there are many other places that serve much more tasteful and fulfilling pizza. On another note, the crust was a little burnt. Good, but overall a little underwhelming.

Grumpy Gaucho 5 stars

Straight Fire. Honestly, this was an underdog of the all the food trucks. With little foot traffic and a bad location, it wasn’t surprising they weren’t doing well. But the cheap prices and delicious empanadas made the walk to this truck 100-percent worth it.

While there, we tried two different empanadas: a spinach ricotta, and a chorizo egg. Both of these were executed to perfection. The cheese and spinach was warm and gooey while the chorizo and egg was not overly greasy. Overall, this was a five out of five.

Cheesies  5 stars

Credit: OHS Reflector

There are honestly no words to describe how good this was. The smell emanating from the truck alone deserves a mention. Imagine being lassoed by a smell. We acquired a sample of a plain grilled cheese that ultimately made us go buy more. The plain was delicious on its own, but other varieties like the Tenderizer were far better.

The Tenderizer is a grilled cheese sandwich with fried chicken tenders, bacon, ranch, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce. It was a filling, and also one of the greatest sandwiches of all time. The mixture of the gooey cheese and chewy meat created an amazing texture. We would strongly recommend to seek out this food truck anywhere you are.

Nothing Bundt Cakes  4/5 stars

With a large assortment of heavier food, it was only natural to have a dessert – and Nothing Bundt Cakes truly delivered. These cakes ranged from white chocolate raspberry to lemon, and were a hit to the school. The cheap price of only five dollars was well worth it. Overall, a really great way to end the taste testing. Several extracurricular clubs within OHS use Nothing Bundt Cakes for their own fundraisers.

Credit: OHS Reflector

The food trucks were a fantastic addition to the school day and homecoming week, creating a little spice and novelty. The food, for the most part, tasted great, and everyone was able to socialize while waiting in line. All in all, an incredibly creative and fun decision on the school’s part.

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