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Despite his death, can fans still expect Stan Lee to be seen on the big screen?


Stan Lee was a great man with an extremely creative imagination. He was best known as one of the main creators of the“Marvel” comics. One thing that fans really enjoyed was Lee’s inevitable cameo appearance in every film based on a Marvel comic book hero. He would usually play a quirky old man speaking to one of the main characters. Fans are wondering what the makers of these movies will do without Lee and his cameo appearances. Here are a few theories on what I think they might do for the cameos from here on out.

The most realistic theory is that the producers will hire an actor who has the ability to do a similar Stan Lee impersonation. This could work out very well if the person nails the impersonation spot-on. An actor who is not so good with his impression though will most likely be loudly booed in theatres and online. Who would fit the role for Lee is really up to Marvel; hopefully they would be able to pick a good candidate for it.

Another possible theory would be to use computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology to create a life-like model of his image. Again, like the impersonation, this would have to be a very accurate image of Lee in order to satisfy movie goers. This is definitely a very possible solution, however, it would take extremely advanced technology, something that luckily our society has. The only thing with this is that Marvel would have to decide on whether or not they want to put in this much effort to keep Lee around.

My final theory would be to have his image show up in certain parts of the movie. Lee’s image could possibly show up briefly at different points throughout the movie. For example, in 2017, there was a poster promoting “Deadpool 2” that had a Stan Lee picture in it. Marvel will most likely choose to go in this direction, as it would be the easiest solution for them. Fans may enjoy being on the lookout for the photo of Lee, just like they enjoy looking for hidden Mickeys at Disney World.

Although all three of these theories are possible, Marvel is yet to comment on any potential plan to keep Lee on the big screen in the future. Stan Lee was a wonderful man and we hope to see him on the big screen once again. Not only will we miss him, but all of his cameos he made in the past as well.

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