Jamal Fomby, a wide receiver at Oswego High School, was born and raised in Oswego, Illinois. He grew up playing sports with a sports-oriented dad and a very supportive mother.

As a kid, Fomby started out by practicing simple drills with his parents, doing things like cone drills, conditioning drills and games of catch. His father, Jamal Fomby Sr., started to notice how Fomby’s hands were properly forming to catch a football and to have a nice touch on basketball shots.

In elementary school, Fomby attended Boulder Hill. While pursuing his academic career there, he played baseball, basketball, and football for the park district. Since he was a young athlete, Fomby always had a little bit of finesse in his game. Coaches started to notice his speed, talent, and leadership, which led to their decision to put him to work out on the field. During his earlier years of his sporting career, Fomby started to explode on teams, and it seemed as if even though it was a fair game, there was always something unstoppable about him. This ranged from his quick feet, all the way to his insane vertical.

“I’ve always been the same position—in football, wide receiver and basketball, point guard,” Fomby said.

Playing these high-flying positions comes with higher expectations—you need to be physically dominant and have a strong mental character. It is also mandatory to have extreme agility and lightning quick speed, both of which Fomby definitely does not lack.

During junior high, Fomby drew serious attention to his skills in basketball, as he played for the Oswego Hustle, Paradise, and Thompson Jr. High teams. His father always pushed him very hard in basketball from the crowd at the games.

“My dad has always pushed me to be the best I can be, and my mom is always cheering me on in the stands, no matter where or when the game is,” Fomby said.

Having this kind of support is just a minor factor in what has led him to his success today.

Fomby Sr. played basketball himself for his varsity high school basketball team, and was a starter for two of the years. It seems to be clear that from day one, Fomby Sr. always had a plan to one day raise a D1-bound athlete and intelligent student. Fomby Jr. was blessed with a clear gift, and who else to thank than his parents.

As a freshman at OHS, Fomby began playing basketball and football above his grade level on the sophomore team, and even a few games on both of their varsity teams. Here, he began forming friendships with upperclassmen athletes that are still in full-effect to this day. The coaches of all the athletic teams took eye of Fomby, and his name started to blow up all over OHS athletics.

His stardom and talent continued to escalate throughout his first two years in high school, where he always played a level or two above his actual grade. No matter the age or the size, it was the finesse and heart in Fomby that has brought him to where he is today.

As of today, Fomby is Oswego’s leading wide receiver. Colleges all across the country have started to contact him thanks to his talents in school and on the field. After high school, Fomby is planning on going to college to continue his academic and athletic career.

Fomby seemed very excited when I spoke on his next step in his career.

“I’m looking at Grand Valley State, Cincinnati, Southern Illinois, Western Illinois, and Western Michigan, ” Fomby said, eyes lighting up.

As of Nov. 27, Fomby has committed to play wide receiver at Grand Valley State University.

When I asked Fomby how he is planning to end the year, he spoke on how his team’s mission was to get the state ring for the first time since 2005. “Let’s get this state ring, ya heard me?”

In the end, Oswego was knocked out in just the second round by Loyola Academy, but Fomby’s season was successful nonetheless.

Jamal Fomby Jr. is a man on the mission both on the court and the field, and could very well be the next star athlete to come out of Oswego High School.

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