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Chris Brown’s monkey business

Christ Brown Silhouette Graphic
Graphic Credit: Ben Larson

Superstar Chris Brown has previously been arrested for many things such as assault, drugs, violating probation, and even a hit and run. He is known around the world as a hip-hop star and for being a great dancer. Everyone knows that Brown has always had a bad side and has lost many fans for it. With the assault charges, a couple of them involved singer Rihanna back in 2009. Therefore, Brown had received massive amounts of hate from news stations, Rihanna’s fans, and many of his own fans. In May 2018, he was even asked by a women’s activist group to be removed from Spotify due to his heinous acts.

His most recent charge was a little different, as no one was harmed. However, he still is in trouble and has to fight for his freedom in court. To elaborate, Brown took to Instagram to post a picture on his daughter and his pet monkey, Fiji. This caught the fed’s attention quickly due to his popularity, and they arrested him for possession of an exotic animal without a permit. His court case for owning the monkey was held on Feb. 6, 2019.

I decided to take it into my own hands to find out how students at Oswego High School felt about Chris Brown and his actions.

Senior Ethan Owusu was my first interviewee. When asked if he is a Chris Brown fan, Owusu gave a positive response. “Yeah, of course, I’ve listened to a lot of his music,” he said.

My following question dealt with his previous charges like assault and drugs, where Owusu gave the honest truth.

“I feel somewhat guilty or something like that when I listen to him,” Owusu confessed.

I talked to a couple other students as well about the Breezy situation, Jamal Fomby, senior, and David Wilson, junior.

Fomby explained his consistency of listening to the faded star. “I used to listen to him when I was younger, but not as much anymore,” he explained.

On the other hand, I asked if these charges are normal for a rapper or it is out of the ordinary. Both sort of just brushed the question off and brought up the fact that most rappers have many legal charges against them.

“There’s a bunch of rappers with charges,” Wilson said, Fomby agreeing.

At his court hearing on the mentioned date, Brown was not present. Instead, Brown’s lawyer went in with the intent to enter a plea deal and to get date their court date moved to March 3, 2019. It was a success, as Brown is now innocent of any crime he is suspected of until that date.

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