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Panther Power Club lifts athletes into better performance and health

Panther Power Club

The Panther Power Club at Oswego High School is a weight lifting club designed for not only athletes, but anyone that would just like to get a good workout in after school. Dozens of weight lifters come together daily to get their practice in. Weight lifting is essential to an athlete’s performance and health, which is exactly what the Panther Power Club will give you.

Students from around the school gather routinely to do specific workouts.

“You’d expect a group of 3-5 people at a rack getting bigger,” Senior Dylan Cullick said. “You expect a really good environment to lift in, and everyone is making gains.”

Athletes like Cullick, who is a football player, are in the weight room every day. Some were actually recommended to join by their Coach, or were persuaded by fellow athletic peers. Either way, they are all there to build onto their health and strength.

“I feel like it is very crucial, because not only do you gain muscle, but you also gain trust and get to learn more about your teammates,” senior Noah Parker said.

Unlike some stereotypes, football players are not the only occupants of the club and weight room. OHS has a wide variety of sports that require maintaining personal fitness.  

“I believe the weight room is very crucial for whatever sport you are playing,” Cullick said. “Your off season really revolves around Panther Power Club in the weight room, and if you’re not in the weight room getting better and stronger just like everyone else, you won’t get better.”

The Panther Power Club is open to any new members ranging from freshman to seniors. Cullick says that the weight room is not intimidating so if you’re scared, dont be – and come get a good lift in!

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