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The school WiFi restrictions are as backwards as you can get

Wylie Marquis

Why is it that I can buy vape juice and look up how to grow weed on the school computers, but I can’t watch a simple YouTube video on engineering mechanisms? Or when I’m in class, and a teacher needs to show us a video, they can’t get to it because the school has blocked it?

I swear, Oswego High School is completely backwards sometimes. The administration  has a lot of videos blocked on YouTube so students can’t watch things they probably shouldn’t, but some of these videos are actually educational. For example, I take engineering classes and I can’t look up a video on gear reduction. I might be able to see one or two low-quality videos, but other than that, there’s no way I can watch the videos I need to watch.

The real kicker is that instead, I am able to look up how to make a real gun out of metal piping through the school’s system. I’m not joking when I tell you this: There is an unblocked page that gives you step-by-step directions on how to build it, as well as a list of parts with exact measurements. I also came across two other unblocked sites with similar content.  I guess that our administration thinks that it’s perfectly fine for students to look up how to make guns out of things at any hardware store.

Our school has until recently blocked Hooda Math, which is a site that is similar to Cool Math Games, but has a lot more educational activities. This site is completely harmless. I just can’t comprehend the reason to block a site that helps with learning. Even though it’s mainly used by kids and students who use it to avoid class work, it’s better that we’re playing games that are called Papa’s Pizzeria rather than learning how to build a gun.

graphic by: Charlotte Conkrite

Overall, the reality is that the school will allow me to search websites where I can find things that we really shouldn’t be able to see on the school computers in the first place. This should be taken care of as soon as possible, so people can’t find these websites and use them in an inappropriate manner. The school should give its students a little more freedom on sites like YouTube, because the limitations on it hinder students’ ability to learn in class. The school should really take a closer look at the content on the sites they are and aren’t blocking, because they’re preventing students from looking at all the wrong things.

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