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OHS senior spreads positivity through Instagram account

Credit: Lane Barry

Due to all the negativity that has been spread over the past few years, Oswego High School senior Lane Barry decided it was time to spread a little light throughout the community by creating an inspirational Instagram account. “Thoughts from Lane” is a motivational account run by Barry in hopes of encouraging people to live happier lives and to look on the brighter side of any situation that life throws at them.

Barry was inspired to create the account her junior year by her English 3 teacher, Dr. Amy Howerton.

“She said I should share my views on life and the positivity that I have. She saw it in me that it could be useful to other people,” Barry says.

“If you’re in a place in life where you need some positivity or motivation, you know it’s there.”

The account, which has been active since June 4, 2018,  has around 250 followers. Although Barry posts every day, she doesn’t expect her followers to read her words of motivation on a daily basis.

“If you’re in a place in life where you need some positivity or motivation, you know it’s there,” Barry says.

Each of Barry’s posts typically has four to five photos of a scenic background with life quotes written on them.“ find from several sources, actually, and then relate them to that day’s topic,” Barry says.

For example, on one “Foundation Friday,” Barry’s topic was all about self-competition and bettering yourself. Barry included the following quote: “Compete with yourself, not others.” She follows this with a full paragraph that gives her perspective and advice on self-competition.

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Happy FRIDAY!! It has been a hectic week and I hope that (so far) you have been able to complete what you were hoping to accomplish this fantastic week! • Foundation Friday: Competition with Oneself❤️ vs. Competition with others • I want to elaborate (once again) how incredibly unique and rare you are. There is truly no one in this world that is exactly you. Sure you will have commonalities mentally, physically, and emotionally but no one is identically you!! There is no need to place yourself in competition with someone out of pity, anger, resistance, any negative connotation. Just live life and notice that you ARE every positive quality known💛. Although in human nature, competition will naturally occur. Competition may bring tough times into your life and impact you great but you can make it through even your tough test days, trust me. As you see humans comparing and competing against one another, take a step back and notice. Notice that you can strive on for more meaningful things and ideas within life to be content with yourself! As much as people may try to compare or degrade. Realize that the true light that you know from within will never dim when you do not let people dim your inner glow✨ Have a fantastic Friday!! ~Lane B.

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“Thoughts From Lane” is unique because the topic varies from day to day, ranging from “Motivational Mondays” to “Suggestion Saturdays.” No matter the topic, though, people can always pick something out from each individual post that will hopefully inspire or uplift them for the day.

“I’ve actually had multiple people reach out to me and say that this account has helped them through something difficult,” Barry says.

Although Barry’s intentions are to inspire others, she has admittedly found herself becoming a better person as a result of this account.

“I feel like it’s made me grow into a more positive person,” Barry says. “I tend to keep going with the flow in life.”

If you are ever feeling down or are having a rough day, check out “Thoughts From Lane on Instagram, the perfect “pick me up” for whatever the case may be. Spread kindness, not hate.

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