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Player Profile: Andrew Aagesen, a golfer in his final year


Andrew Aagesen, a senior on the Oswego golf team, has done tremendously since a tournament on Sept. 15. He has since been a valuable member of the Oswego golf team. Aagesen has proven himself through his varsity years. His story started when he was young and continues to this day.

Aagesen has been interested in golf ever since he was a kid. When he entered high school, he tried out for the team, and golf became a new passion of his. Then, he continued to rise through the ranks to be a part of the varsity golf team in his junior and senior years.  

As he played, he grew to like certain aspects of the game. His favorite part of golf is that one can always improve and that there is no limit on the amount of development you can achieve. Aagesen said that he himself improved in staying calm when the game goes bad the most this year. He also feels like his teammates have helped him grow in his ability to golf.

Varsity Coach Chad Pohlmann has also helped him improve his short game by putting Aagesen through drills every day at practice. Through the practice, he works to improve for his golf matches.

Aagesen said the round of golf he considered his best was his first golf match. He shot an 81 with the Stableford scoring system in his first high school match.

“The key was getting an eagle,”  Aagesen stated, “It was fun, and I got to play against good competition.”

Aagesen favorite course, however, is Fox Bend, since it is the easiest to him. It was where he had his best hole on the course in his time playing golf.

Aagesen looked forward to the end of the season, as regionals is a great place to get recognized for his performance. The conference happened on Sept. 25 with the golf team scoring 322, and placing third. The regional was hosted at Blackberry Oaks Golf Course and took place on Oct. 2. Oswego scored a 331 and placed fifth.


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