The first-ever portfolio review day for OHS students was Thursday, Oct. 4. Panther artists were able to go to the auxiliary gym during third and fourth period to let the colleges that were present review their work and give them feedback.

The event, which was originally scheduled for just two periods, went well into fifth period as there were so many student still in line at certain schools.

Visual Arts Director Mr. Michael Skura planned the whole event, inspired by other schools’ own review days.

“I thought wow, I want to do one as well,” Skura said. “Out of the 13 or 14 schools I reached out to, about half of them responded saying that they were in and could make October 4 work.”

Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, College of Creative Studies, The University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Art Institute at Chicago and Flashpoint Academy were included at the event. Each school had a table with a representation to critique the students’ work.

“Overall, I got a lot of good feedback, and they weren’t just telling me what they liked, I also got information about what to improve and expand on,” Junior Saige Vizcarra said. “It was very beneficial, and I’d definitely go again.”

Other students felt that it wasn’t that impactful. Senior Keristyn Blomquist already decided what college she wanted to go to.

“It went pretty well, I got pretty much the same feedback at every booth, they told me to keep experimenting with different mediums. I definitely found it beneficial but wouldn’t go again,” Blomquist expressed.

Many OHS art students took advantage of the event, and may be able to do it again next year. Mr. Skura also commented that he will be trying to make this a yearly event, giving students access to college information to those considering visual art careers.

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  1. So I get that each table is a represented college right but what do you do if the school you want to go to isn’t at this event. Do they change the colleges that attend every year or are they the same ?

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