Out of the hallways of Oswego High School comes a pair of equally talented individuals. Juniors Jeremy Davis and Andrew Provost express their artistic talent through film. Although the people on-screen are important, it’s the people behind the camera who make the magic happen.

Davis and Provost are two of the most ambitious students at OHS. Their hard work can provide a great example not only for other filmmakers, but for any type of person. Their comments on their creations do not deserve to be ignored.

Inspirations mean everything when it comes to achieving goals, something that Provost and Davis both know. Provost cites Kevin Smith and Edgar Wright as his film idols.

“I just like the stuff that they made,” Provost says. Edgar Wright and Kevin Smith are masters at their craft. That does not mean they never hit any bumps in the road.

According to Provost and Davis, filmmaking isn’t just a walk in the park. Provost described how the hardest thing to do is control scheduling with actors. He finds that it can be difficult to get times to film when people have other obligations.

“Specifically in Oswego, it’s hard trying to film with people. Especially your friends if you have them in drama ,” Provost says.  

Davis would say the hardest thing about filmmaking stems from his perfectionist personality. He strives to get his films just right, “especially with the writing and editing of it all”.

“You want to make sure you deliver a good story, and deliver it in a way that’s good,” Davis says.  

Filmmaking can have a bright side as well. Provost gets excited when the actors start to take off their training wheels with their characters.

“The actors don’t need that nudge, and they find something that both were sort of leaning towards,” Provost says. Davis, on the other hand, enjoys the creative process of the whole thing.

“You get to make all these characters and these stories,” Davis says. “You get to think, ‘who is this person,’ ‘why does he do this?’”

As of right now, Davis and Provost both have films that are in development. Provost has a movie called “The Chemistry Job” that is in production.

“It stars several OHS alumni, along with a teacher, and a past student who used to go here,” Provost says.

While Davis didn’t go into much detail regarding his future films, he plans to have one released soon.

Although their budget and resources are low, their ambition is high. For other amateur filmmakers, Provost has some simple-yet-effective advice.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things,” Provost says.

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